Religion and Science Fiction: Video Introduction

If the sound had been working properly in the classroom today, this is what students would have heard: [Read more…]

More Avatar Parallelomania

Here’s yet another identification of parallels between Avatar and another story – in this case Pocahontas. What seems to be missed by many is that, when we can identify so many parallels with so many stories, this suggests that the issue is not with Avatar but that many of our stories follow similar patterns and [Read More…]

Introduction to New Testament History and Literature

Brian LePort points out that Ekaputra Tupamahu is blogging again, and his most recent post provides links to all Dale Martin’s lectures on Introduction to New Testament History and Literature. Two of my three classes met for the first time today. My religion and science fiction class meets in a smart classroom, and although there [Read More…]

Millenial Mythmaking Interview

Just in time for my religion and science fiction class, which will meet for the first time when classes start at Butler tomorrow, TheoFantastique has posted an interview with David Whitt and John Perlich about their new book Millennial Mythmaking: Essays on the Power of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Films and Games. [Read more…]

Sci-Fi Parallelomania

Here’s the plot of Avatar and Dune summed up in less than a minute: HT IO9, which also shared that the Doctor’s TARDIS may be getting a makeover this season: [Read more…]

Darth Edgar

How did I not realize sooner that the character of Edgar on Heroes is played by Ray Park, who also played Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace? Well, I suppose the make-up does obscure his identity a little… [Read more…]

Zwinglian Redactor Hypothesis

Although I was among the first to spread the news of Jim West’s returns, I am finding my scholarly skepticism kicking in. The blog that is so claimed contains no evidence of felinophobia, no photos of people at Wal-Mart, and very little sarcasm. My theory is that a Zwinglian redactor recovered some fragments of the works [Read More…]

Star Trek, Religion and Ethics

It would be possible to do a whole course just on religion in Star Trek (including, particularly in the original series, the lack of religion in places where we’ve come to expect it). In addition to encounters with many beings that might be considered “gods,” Star Trek also tackles many difficult issues, such as the [Read More…]

Dollhouse at the End of the World

If Dollhouse is any indication of what having a definite end in sight does to science fiction storytelling on TV, then we’re going to be satisfied not only with Dollhouse but also with Lost. Tonight we had longstanding mysteries solved, and yet at the same time unexpected twists and turns to keep us enthralled. If [Read More…]

Jim West is Back

Jim West is apparently back (thanks to Loren Rosson for drawing attention to this fulfillment of prophecy) – although having witnessed the appearance of +Wrong, I was half expecting a new blog called “Dr. Jim East” to materialize and offer simulacra and simulations of classic westian cat-hating Zwingli-loving sarcasm.  I wanted to find a photo of Jim West [Read More…]