Review Of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Eleven

It is time to continue my blog series on John H. Walton’s book The Lost World of Genesis One. Proposition 11 is that his viewpoint advocated thus far in the book, summarized under the heading “Functional Cosmic Temple”, “offers face-value exegesis” (p.102). His focus is on the recovery of what the author intended, acknowledging that [Read More…]

CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘A god of many understandings?’

The blog Near Emmaus has announced a “a blog conference dedicated to the question of the role of non-Christian religions in Christian theology.” [Read more…]

Interpreting History

There has been an interesting discussion in the blogosphere lately about historical study and how it relates to belonging to a religious confession. April DeConick got the ball rolling and subsequently clarified her meaning. A very interesting contribution to the discussion came from April’s husband Wade, who (rather entertainingly) acknowledged that this fact might lead [Read More…]

The Testimonium Flavianum and Jewish and Roman Involvement in Jesus’ Death

Today’s historical Jesus class will look at the mentions of Jesus in Tacitus and Josephus. The latter, in the passage known as the Testimonium Flavianum, has been the subject of much controversy. The discovery of Agapius’ Arabic citation of it has led most to conclude that there was indeed a reference to Jesus in Josephus, [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Julia M. O’Brien)

“A lot of verbage gets thrown around about the Bible (its perfection, its authority, its goodness) that makes sense only if you don’t read it–or read it seriously. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t say something about the Bible that isn’t true about all of it. If you’re going to talk about the Bible [Read More…]

LOSTing My Religion

A religion major who is soon to graduate needed one more credit for this semester and has decided to meet it by doing an independent study…on LOST and religion! There are so many ideas we’ve both had, and so many possibilities. One interesting suggestion is to investigate whether the light-dark polarity that is part of [Read More…]

Reducible Complexity

Proponents of Intelligent Design make much of alleged instances of “irreducible complexity”. A colleague drew to my attention an article that deals with the evidence that such complexity is indeed “reducible.” It has the catchy title “The reducible complexity of a mitochondrial molecular machine.” Those interested in this subject will want to take a look. [Read more…]

A Pair Of Nasoraean Commentaries Partially Online

Among the books available in limited preview via Google Books is E. S. Drower’s translation of two Mandaean priestly commentaries, known as the “Great First World” and the “Lesser First World”. I don’t own a copy of Drower’s translation (which is what is on Google Books), but I am delighted to be the owner of [Read More…]

Had Been Getting Tense In Genesis

I recently mentioned that two ways of translating the Hebrew verbs in Genesis 2:19 might, in theory, both be legitimate. A comment on that post raised the question whether one of them was in fact not justifiable: …as I see it, the verb in question is a wayyiqtol. And the wayyiqtol is *never* (to my [Read More…]

Mark Goodacre: Live and In…His Office

As others have already pointed out, Mark Goodacre will be pioneering in the world of technology and teaching, as he always does, this time by having online office hours. Here’s the full story: Mark Goodacre at NT Blog has agreed to hold live, online “office hours” this Friday, Sept. 18, at noon EDT on Duke’s [Read More…]