LOST: The Loophole and the Double Resurrection

I think I just had an “a-ha” moment regarding LOST – and I’m wondering whether I’ve had a flash of insight, a flash of misunderstanding, or am just noticing what is obvious to everyone. We’ve been so focused on the “resurrection” of John Locke this past season, that most fans have failed to connect this [Read More…]

Oceanic Flight 815 Crash in Real Time

None other than Damon Lindelof shared this on Twitter with the simple comment “Wow”: In other LOST tweeting, I came across a speculative timeline trying to connect the flashes (and accompanying shifts in time) from this past season with other things that happened on the show. [Read more…]

More Religion and Science Fiction Links

Two more blog entries related to religion and sci-fi came to my attention today. First, prophetsandpopstars reviewed The Gospel According to Lost. Second, The Onion applied the movie Enemy Mine to the Israel-Palestine conflict.. [Read more…]

Review of Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection

I am grateful to Kris Komarnitsky for sending me a copy of his book Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box?  For some, the title may seem appealing, while to others it may be disturbing, but when it comes to historical study, the simple fact is that there is no way for a [Read More…]

Around the Biblioblogosphere

Markus Cromhout has posted an entire draft of a conference paper on resurrection in Paul, and is asking for feedback. I’ve only skimmed it but it clearly offers some interesting perspectives, in particular on whether the concept of resurrection is one that is culture-bound rather than universal. Torrey Seland shared a link to a document by Larry [Read More…]

Old/New Biblioblog: Treasures Old and New

I just became aware of a new biblioblog by a most unusual manner. Rather than learning of the blog and then getting introduced to the blogger behind it, this time the process was the reverse! James Leonard’s blog Treasures Old and New features a series of posts related to Christology, monotheism and divine identity, as [Read More…]

The Development of Christology

Mike Kok has elaborated some thoughts (which began in a comment over here on Exploring Our Matrix a couple of months ago) about the development of Christology. He offers a threefold categorization of scholarly views. Do take a look and join in the conversation – and if you can figure out which category I best fit into, [Read More…]

Reconstructing Tenth-Century Hebrew Morality

While Christianity Today does a good job of reporting on the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon, Fox news offers viewers no understanding of the nature of the find, the uncertainty about how the fragmentary text should be translated, or anything else that might be called accurate, nuanced reporting: http://www.comcast.net/ve/1.0/1389377739/555/457/ Having said that, I’d be delighted if viewers [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Marilynne Robinson)

“Myth is never plausible narrative. It asks for another kind of assent. To anyone for whom it does not strike an important equipose, it seems absurd. The myth of the Fall makes it possible to think of humankind and the world as at the same time intrinsically good and intrinsically evil. Those to whom this [Read More…]

Two Naked Powers in the Bible

The title of this post is a misleading mash-up – what I want to draw attention to is a video posted at The Naked Bible which suggests that the idea of “two powers” or “two Yahwehs” can be traced back to within Scripture itself. Not everyone will relate to the speaker’s starting point (which relates [Read More…]