Freethinkers Are Finally Being Organized

(HT Karyn Traphagen) There’s also a provocative video aimed at young-earth creationists and their ilk (with entertaining images accompanying its challenge): (HT AIGBusted). [Read more…]

Palin 2012 Jokes

Having posted on Sarah Palin’s views on evolution (the plural “views” seems particularly appropriate), I realized that, if she does run for president in 2012, Saturday Night Live will be able to reuse some material from its 2004 presidential bash with only minor changes. Palin: “I have not flip-flopped. I have consistently upheld evolution to [Read More…]

SBL Candle In The Wind Sing-Along

Scott’s suggestion (in the comment section on an earlier post) that we have a “Candle In The Wind” sing-along at SBL got me thinking. Will there be a piano at the bibliobloggers’ dinner? I’ll gladly provide accompaniment, but we’re going to have to move fast if we want to revise the lyrics so that they’re [Read More…]

The Two Dr. Jims

Doctor Who fans love episodes in which different regenerations of the Doctor meet up. And so today’s episode features an encounter between two Dr. Jims. Dr. Jim of the thinking shop regeneration has replaced K-9 with a cat, who kindly explains why textbooks cost so much. Meanwhile, that earlier regeneration of the Doctor Jim has [Read More…]

Don’t Diss Darwin

I’ve been meaning to post on the NCSE’s entertaining, banana-humor-filled response to Ray Comfort’s tampering with Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species. But Science and Religion Today mentioning it reminded me. The NCSE site is called Don’t Diss Darwin and below is a taste of what is on offer there. Perhaps in response, Ray [Read More…]

Brill Fellowship at the Scaliger Institute

This sounds like an opportunity that many scholars will be interested in: Call for proposals for the 2010 Brill Fellowship at the Scaliger Institute The Scaliger Institute and Brill publishers invite scholars and researchers to send in proposals for the 2010 Brill fellowship at the Scaliger Institute of Leiden University Library. Brill, the oldest scholarly [Read More…]

Free Bibles

For those looking for free digitized versions of Bibles in original languages, early translations, and other such scholarly resources, I just happened across the site It includes Hebrew, Greek, Syriac as well as many other Bibles, and some lexica too. I have yet to actually view the files but the site looks very useful [Read More…]

Updated Palin-tological Perspectives on Creation and Evolution

Heather Wax has posted some more information about Sarah Palin’s views on evolution and creationism. It sounds like they are more nuanced than what some have been reporting. [Read more…]

Bible And Creation Around The Blogosphere

There are a few posts around the blogs on subjects of interest. Scot McKnight discusses going beyond the Bible…biblically. Martin Shields touches on inerrancy. Nathan MacDonald asks if Genesis 1 is a polemic. Jared Calaway looks at variations of creation in Genesis 1. Science and the Sacred discusses barriers to acceptance of evolution among evangelicals. [Read More…]

Not Quite What John Wrote

“Jesus did many other signs that were not written in this book. But these things have been written that you may, when you live in a culture in which stories of miraculous births are no longer told about everyone who is considered significant, you may believe that it happened nonetheless in the case of Jesus, [Read More…]