Random Reply on Genesis 3

Doug Mangum has shared some random thoughts on Genesis 3. I’ve offered a reply that is at least as random. Here’s the gist of my thoughts that arose after reading his thoughts and some of the comments others left on the post: I like translating the Hebrew word that describes the serpent with “shrewd”, because [Read More…]

Call for Carnival Contributions

The end of the month is drawing near, and that means it is almost time for another Biblical Studies Carnival. There are reminders at both Codex and Hebrew and Greek Reader, the latter being the blog that is hosting the carnival for this month. Do submit relevant posts on academic Biblical studies that either you [Read More…]

J. R. R. Tolkien Referees NIV vs. JB Smackdown in Nineveh

OK, so the title doesn’t precisely reflect the contents of this post, but I couldn’t think of another way to include all three of the very interesting elements in the blog post “Praise the Lord (of the Rings)” at Davar Akher. The post begins by highlighting something I didn’t know before, namely that J. R. [Read More…]

Dollhouse Is Back!

Fox sci-fi action series Dollhouse is back and as good as ever. This second season got off to a strong start tonight as loose ends and new revelations from towards the end of last season have already begun to be explored. At the end of last season, we learned that Dr. Saunders is, in essence, [Read More…]


I received a request to post something on prooftexting, and I’m not sure I have much to add beyond what has already been said in the recent post from Jeremy Smith arguing against memorizing verses from the Bible (in turn inspired by a post by Matt Cleaver). The principle is well known: “A text taken [Read More…]

The Far Left Side

A blog I read shared a cartoon from a series called The Far Left Side, and I found several related to religion, including this one: this one: this one: and this one: There are even more that relate to health care and insurance. There are some that are offensive (probably to just about anyone and [Read More…]

From Desmond to Darwin

Henry Ian Cusick (who has played the role of Jesus but is probably best known for his role as Desmond Hume on LOST) will be taking on the role of Charles Darwin for the October 6th episode of NOVA entitled Darwin’s Darkest Hour, about Darwin’s struggles over whether to publish his ideas and the evolution [Read More…]

Father Neo

A student drew to my attention that a priest from here in Indianapolis, who gained the nickname “Father Neo” because of the resemblance between his cassock and the long coat Neo wore in the Matrix films, took things to a whole new level in an ad campaign for the priesthood emulating the Matrix films: I [Read More…]

Supernatural Mandaean Amulets? Check!

A student drew to my attention the TV show Supernatural, which I’ve never watched, but it sounds appealing (sort of Indiana Jones meets Ghostbusters?). What makes me think I ought to watch it is the fact that apparently in one episode the characters, making sure they were prepared for their latest encounter with dark forces, [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Colin Toffelmire)

“The Bible is like a stringed instrument in this respect. It only works because of great tension. Stop trying to take the tension out of the Bible. If you take away the tension, smoothing over and dumbing down and making everyingthing instructions and promises, all you get is a poorly tuned instrument and really bad [Read More…]