If You Get The Flu 10

If you get the flu, pull out an album you used to listen to all the time, but haven’t listened to in a decade or more, and put it on. And just in case there’s anyone out there who’s never seen Keith Emerson perform one of his famous solos. If you’ve never heard of them [Read More…]

If You Get The Flu 9

If you get the flu, you’ll finally have time to update your blogroll. I did. Since I’ve been using Google Reader, I have the tendency to add new blogs’ feeds there without necessarily adding them to the blogroll. I’ve added quite a few blogs, and was embarrassed to find several blogs that I’ve read for [Read More…]

If You Get The Flu 8

If you get the flu, you’ll need lots of interesting activity on the biblioblogs to keep you entertained. So why not start a rumor that Jim West has achieved his top ranking among the biblioblogs by spending hours every day visiting his own blog? [Read more…]

If You Get The Flu 7

If you come down with the flu, spend your time devising the most dastardly blog meme ever, one so heinous that those tagged with it would much rather have caught your flu. Here’s one I thought of: The Blog In Any Language Meme Rules: 1) Learn a language you don’t already know.2) Find 5 blogs [Read More…]

If You Get The Flu 6

If you come down with the flu, one way to pass the time is to blog a series of suggestions of ways to pass the time when you have the flu. See if you can come up with more positive recommendations than Jim West can come up with examples of total depravity. [Read more…]

If You Get The Flu 5

If you’re wondering what useful activities you can engage in while stuck at home with the flu, you can always get caught up on the latest LOST clues. [Read more…]

If You Get The Flu 4

If you come down with the flu and are looking for some in-home entertainment, try watching Animusic. Many of the clips from both Animusic and Animusic 2 can be seen either on the Animusic web site or on YouTube: [Read more…]

If You Get The Flu 3

If you come down with the flu, try taking the impossible quiz. [Read more…]

The Next Biblical Studies Carnival

The next Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted at Hebrew and Greek Reader. They are not only asking for submissions, but for input on whether people prefer there to be as many posts as possible or a select few. Let them know what you think! [Read more…]

Quote of the Day (Mystical Seeker)

“The Bible is a starting point, not an end point. It is instructive for not just the things it got right, but for the things it got wrong as well. Part of the process of discovery is learning from past mistakes, and if religion is a journey towards the mystery, then part of understanding the [Read More…]