Blog Post On FlashForward Leads To Cutting-Edge Scientific Research

Not long ago I posted on the inclusion of a variation on the Schroedinger’s cat thought experiment in the last episode of Flash Forward, and some of the problems with the way they explained it. My good friend Bob Patterson responded to the show’s lack of scientific rigor by undertaking his own experiment on Schroedinger’s [Read More…]

Pointless Parallels

On the whole I’ve found the textbook I’ve been using for my class on the Bible this semester, Stephen Harris’ Exploring the Bible, to provide helpful information and just about the right amount of it. But the last chapter we read, on the world in which Christianity emerged, had some at one annoying facet. In [Read More…]

Almost a Literalist

I think this is one of the best cartoons on so-called Biblical literalism I have ever seen (HT Experimental Theology). You may need to click through to get the full-sized version. [Read more…]

Around the Blogosphere

Claude Mariottini shares a method of sounding academic – automatically! Polycarp shares a quote from John Calvin about “Moses’ science.” Jonathan Robinson talks about contradictions in the Bible. Chris Heard has shared two lectures on the Deuteronomistic History. Mark Goodacre shares a video of Geza Vermes. Ken Schenck shares some New Testament intersections with extracanonical [Read More…]

A Symphony Of Science Around The Blogosphere

There’s a video featuring “vocals” by Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye that has been referred to on many blogs I read. I only got around to listening to it today, and it is definitely worth sharing. A “Symphony of Science,” some have called it: Elsewhere in science and religion around [Read More…]

The Annotated Lamb

Someone sent me a link to this helpful web page, an annotated version of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Classic Genesis from the Peter Gabriel era was often surreal and often drew on classical mythology, with a result that the plot of various songs and albums can be hard to follow. And so, if [Read More…]

V: Healing and Devotion

The first episode of the remake of the sci-fi series “V” didn’t bother keeping the underlying appearance of the visitors a secret. Presumably they figured that, in a remake, there was no point in delaying what for many was common knowledge. The theme of terrorism seems to be an essential in recent sci-fi: Battlestar Galactica, [Read More…]

Evolutionary Theology

Michael Halcomb shared a link to a new blog, created by a former pastor of his, Tim McNinch. The blog is called Evolutionary Theology, and the expressed aim is to engage in theological reflection from an Evangelical perspective while taking the conclusions of modern biology completely seriously. So far he’s asked whether the Bible could [Read More…]

BAR Reprints Morton Smith’s Translation of Secret Mark

Biblical Archaeology Review has reprinted Morton Smith’s translation of “The Secret Gospel of Mark.” [Read more…]

The Da Vinci Brick

After I shared the Brick Testament last supper image, Ari discovered that the artist responsible for it included Mary Magdalene in the painting. The truth about the conspiracy to hide the truth about this shocking secret can be found in his latest novel, The Da Vinci Brick. [Read more…]