Education and Evolution

I may when I have more time say more about Russ Pulliam’s second piece on evolution and faith. The main thing that disturbs me is that he envisages a hypothetical scenario in which one chooses institutions of higher education based on the grade you’ll get for already thinking as you do. If I didn’t think [Read More…]

The Guild Of Biblical Musicalists

For the past few years when I’ve arrived at the Psalms section of my class on the Bible, I’ve shared a couple of examples of psalms in popular music: “By The Rivers Of Babylon” by Boney M and “40” by U2. I usually end the class with a song that segues nicely into the next [Read More…]

An Infinite God vs. An Infinite Maker of Infinite Numbers of Gods

I’ve never understood the appeal of the notion of a multiverse for atheists. It substitutes, in place of an infinite God, an inexplicable mechanism capable of producing an infinite number of universes. Among those universes, presumably one has Jesus spontaneously rise from the dead (in an infinite universe or multiverse, everything however improbable happens eventually). [Read More…]

Taking Darwin On Faith 2

Not long ago I responded to a piece in our local paper, the Indianapolis Star, by Russ Pulliam, entitled “Taking Darwin On Faith“. Pulliam has now published a follow-up opinion piece, in which I get a mention. I’ve offered a brief reply in the comments section. [Read more…]

Is It Better To View Jesus’ Prediction as Trite or Mistaken?

Today we’ll be tackling the subject of the “kingdom of God” in my historical Jesus class. It is important to survey the breadth of usages to which this terminology is put both in the Judaism of Jesus’ time and in early Christian sources. Obviously one key text is Mark 9:1 and parallels. There Jesus is [Read More…]

Final Notice? I Can Only Hope

A while back I mentioned a Who’s Who organization (most of which are scams) that seemed to be targeting academics. Today I got another e-mail from the same source, claiming that this is my “final notice.” I can only hope this is true. I suspect that most academics are wise enough to notice when an [Read More…]

Scriptural Truths

I just happened across a web site with a blog I was previously unaware of, ScripturalTruths. It includes among other things a brief review of my book The Only True God, a discussion of Bauckham’s views on the angel Yahoel, and the divine name in Philippians 2:11. That’s a lot of interesting stuff for one [Read More…]

If Mark Goodacre Decides To Move To Canada…

I’m sure Mark Goodacre is happy at Duke. But if he decides to move to Canada, there is a house listed that would be just perfect for him. Here’s a picture: HT Bad Astronomy (the full realtor listing can also be viewed online). Presumably once you get a house that comes with a TARDIS, time [Read More…]

Citations and Bibliography in Word 2007

Today I had someone point out to me a feature in Word 2007 that I simply didn’t know was there. It is possible to create a database of bibliographical entries and/or references, and then to insert them. They are automatically converted to the citation format of your choice (e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA). I know that [Read More…]

Blogging at Butler

The controversy related to a formerly anonymous blogger at Butler University has begun to appear in the blogosphere on blogs that I read, and since I’m at Butler, I thought I had better post something on this subject, even though I confess to being as confused as anyone. But here are some sources for those [Read More…]