Why Liberal Christianity Isn’t Bankrupt

Another blog I read even though its author and I often disagree is Answers in Genesis Busted. Today that blog offered a response to my post that was in turn a response to several posts on Debunking Christianity. I love it when a bloggersation comes together! The AIGBusted post is about the “bankruptcy of liberal [Read More…]

Time To End The Kindergarten Revolution

Imagine a school in which a number of children, year after year, refused to leave kindergarten. Eventually, being older and stronger, and hearing terrifying rumors about how children who progressed into higher grades eventually came to abandon some of the beliefs – nay, the certainties – they used to be certain of in kindergarten. And [Read More…]

A Temporary Measure

I’ve enabled comment moderation until the current spam storm is over – or more precisely, until the troll that has been wreaking havoc in this village returns to his place under the bridge. The irony is that this individual (who posted here under the name “Tom” but sent me an e-mail under the name Dennis [Read More…]

Debunking Debunking Christianity Christianity

I like reading blogs that challenge rather than reinforce my views (not that I don’t also like someone to agree with me, at least from time to time). One such blog is Debunking Christianity. Atheists like to challenge Christians by pointing out that they are atheists about almost all gods, and atheists just go one [Read More…]

Student Reading

I’m seriously thinking about putting something like the following on my syllabi this semester. Let me know what you think… Midterm exam: 20%Final exam: 35%Term paper: 35%Attendance: 10%Doing the assigned reading and coming to class prepared to talk about it: priceless. [Read more…]

Big Bird Antichrist

Having left the question of the antichrist’s identity unanswered in my last post, I’m glad Matt Dabbs came to the rescue and presented the evidence that Big Bird is the antichrist. [Read more…]

How I Know Barack Obama Is The Rightful Pope

Because of all the speculation about Obama being the antichrist, we’ve been distracted from the obvious truth: not only is he not the antichrist, but he is the rightful Pope. Using methods that have been proven effective in YouTube videos and other internet venues, but using them better, I’ve uncovered the following: First, it is [Read More…]

Quotes of the Day (Facebook Friends)

My blog’s feed is linked to my Facebook profile so that new posts appear as “notes” on Facebook. And there a recent post started a discussion between two friends who are also New Testament scholars. Here are the highlights: “Ah how quickly our revelation becomes THE revelation.” (John Byron) “…Some things never change, other things [Read More…]

Proud Of Indiana

I’m proud of the state I live in once again today, as I learned that Indiana was one of a relatively small number of states that was awarded an “A” for its science standards by the National Center for Science Education. [Read more…]

Cited in the Press

It is always nice when one’s expertise in a particular field is appreciated and you get linked to. 😉 [winks at Jim West] [Read more…]