Really, how stupid do these spammers think people are? Would anyone send their personal information to someone who claims a dead guy in Nigeria left them money, or they won a UK lottery they didn’t give their e-mail address to? Would anyone believe that the representative of the National Lottery in the UK has a Yahoo! e-mail address in Hong Kong?!Here is the text of the two e-mails:___________________________–The National LotteryP O Box 1010Liverpool, L70 1NLUNITED KINGDOM(Customer Services)Ref: UK/9420X/68Batch: 074/05/ZY369FINAL NOTIFICATIONWe… Read more

The Uncommon Descent blog asks why so many skeptics of Darwinian evolution tend to be mathematicians, engineers and people qualified in similar fields. Finally, at least they are asking the right questions – at least implicitly, the question recognizes that biologists aren’t skeptical, and that those who lead the antievolution campaigns aren’t biologists.The answer is simple: because they aren’t biologists. All they need to do is study biology at university level. Young-earth creationists created their own schools because those who… Read more

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a parody. Any suspicion that what follows reflects actual events and the genuine involvement of the persons mentioned is misguided. None of the persons mentioned – Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, William Dembski, the Pope, FTK, cdesign proponentsists, flat earthers, penguins, camels, Barry Manilow and amoebas – has approved of this parody or any of the comments that it may generate.I have no evidence that any real-life mathmematician actually calculated that there is no information in William… Read more

I recently shared a picture under the title “Target 1, Atheism 0”. A Target employee had managed to place a price sticker in such a way that the title of Christopher Hitchen’s book became God is great (or more precisely God is [price sticker] great).Target seems to have wanted to even things up. Below is a photo (shared by Pat McCullough) of the religion book section display at a Borders store.Kind of evens things up. Read more

I have struggled for some time with a problem that I know has plagues other Windows Vista users too – after logging in, instead of going to the usual desktop, Vista would bring you to a black screen with Windows Explorer as the only thing visible. Many have discovered the work-around, which is to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and run explorer as a new task. But this is not a solution to the problem.I am happy to offer those struggling with this… Read more

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away” (Philip K. Dick, “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later”, 1978) Read more

Those of us who teach at universities with professional majors but a strong Liberal Arts focus know something about how students view the ‘core curriculum’. It is core in the sense that it is what everyone is supposed to take in common, alongside their courses for their majors. But rather than being viewed as ‘core’ in the usual sense, such courses are often despised as irrelevant, and at best regarded as tangential or peripheral to their majors.If we think about… Read more

“My own tentative suggestion would be that sperm, perhaps Joseph’s, found its way into Mary’s womb by some unusual but scientifically explicable way” (Peter Kirk, in a comment on the Metacatholic blog). The ongoing discussion there on the infancy narratives and the virgin birth are intelligent, in a way that my finding this statement amusing obviously is not… Read more

Here’s the latest banking scam spam to grace my inbox. I don’t share stuff that my spam filter catches, only the ones that make it through. This one is supposedly from U.S. Bank. That was the first giveaway – I don’t have an account with them. But even if you get an e-mail from a bank or company you know, never just click a link to go to them. Type in the address by hand. Or, at the very least,… Read more

Standard sticker, in the standard place…but look what it did to the title of Christopher Hitchens’ book! HT Why Faith? Read more

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