Shooting For All Ten

I recently accused proponents of intelligent design of serious violations of the moral principles their organizations claim to be fighting to uphold. Apparently someone noticed that I was unable to list all the commandments and has taken measures to rectify the matter.A number of blogs such as ERV, Pharyngula and Paralepsis are currently suggesting that Bill Dembski has added theft to the list of sins of which proponents of ID can be accused. Although we all knew they are willing… Read more

New Biblical Studies Journal

THE ORTHODOX CENTER FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF BIBLICAL STUDIES (OCABS) is pleased to announce the launching of its new, on-line academic journal, The Journal of the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (JOCABS).The mission of JOCABS is to promote scholarship in biblical studies, homiletics, and religious education among Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christians around the world.Although submissions in English are preferred thus ensuring greater accessibility, academic papers in other languages (especially Arabic, Armenian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Romanian,… Read more

Some Disenchanted Evening

Our ancestors viewed the world very differently than we do. This is not because they were crazy, deluded or primitive. It is because we are further along on the journey of learning and discovery than they were, and we have the advantage of standing on their shoulders. They experienced the Earth as static and unmoving. We experience it on a day-to-day basis precisely as they did, yet also know that in fact it is rotating, even though it doesn’t immediately… Read more

The True Spirit of [CENSORED]mas

I just had to share this gem from Qalmlea’s blog. Read more

Life, the Universe and a U2 Song

What sort of universe do we live in? We live in a universe that has U2. And I don’t think there will ever be a universal explanation in terms of the laws of physics that allows one to account for the existence of this band. It is a combination of law and chance, which if we wound the clock back, would never arise again in precisely the same way.More importantly, I don’t really think that I’m looking for explanations any… Read more

Let Evil Be Evil

Today our faculty book discussion group continued its discussion of Philip Kitcher’s book, began Charles Taylor’s monumental A Secular Age, as well as a couple of articles by Mackey and Swinburne on the problem of evil thrown in.If there is one key thought I’d share as regards faith and the loss or lack thereof, much revolves around the depiction of God as a person very much like us, and the correlated problem of evil.My advice to people of faith is… Read more

Give Us This Day Our Daily Shows

The Higgaion blog pointed out an article in the LA Times about Christians praying…for the end of the writers’ strike! Although these seem to have been industry insiders, the story led me to wonder how many other Christians around the United States are offering up similar prayers. I doubt that many of the Christians who have been praying in this way have thought about issues of justice and fairness when doing so. They just want their TV viewing to continue… Read more

Quote of the Day (William Cleary)

“Verbal prayers make sense, I think, if you know in advance that talking to God is like talking to your dog. You say human words to your dog, but he pretty much ignores that in favor of how you smell. Similarly, whatever divinity there is hears your words of prayer but very likely ignores all you say in favor of the aroma of your heart: your kindness, your compassion – for both your own poor soul and for your have-not… Read more

The Atheist Contribution to World Civilization

I find myself becoming somewhat weary of opponents of Christianity and of religion in general who point to its flaws but offer no appreciation of its strengths, who criticize its failures but make no mention of its successes.I thus wish to offer an open post today in which I ask a question: What is the atheist contribution to world civilization? What have atheists offered that was not offered before them by philosophers who believed in some sort of God, by… Read more

Quote of the Day (Jeremy Campbell)

“There is no one image of God that works in all circumstances” (Jeremy Campbell, The Many Faces of God (New York: W. W. Norton, 2006) p.270). Read more

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