Intelligent Design and Gnosticism

I thought it might be fitting to offer a few brief words of appreciation for that ancient movement, which has not entirely disappeared even today, which took the argument from design completely seriously. I am thinking, of course, of the Gnostics. They were Biblical literalists to boot, taking at face value the references to God’s apparent ignorance of where Adam and Eve were, and other details that usually are taken as symbolic anthropomorphisms. When that was combined with their “design… Read more

What Do You Love More Than Life?

In the Sunday school class I teach at Crooked Creek Baptist Church, we found ourselves spending much time on a single verse, John 12:25, “Whoever loves his life will lose it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it unto eternal life”. For my wife, when she lived in Romania during the Communist era, it was clear what this meant – Christians were aware that they could be arrested, imprisoned, and perhaps even “disappear” if they were… Read more

Has Creationism’s Appendicitis Been Cured?

An interesting piece of science news in recent days was the proposal of a plausible function for the appendix. Clearly this clinches the argument about its design by a supernatural being. Just consider all these characteristics of the appendix:It apparently reboots the good bacteria in the gut if they are wiped out by another disease.It keeps the human population from growing too large by eliminating members of the herd now and again.It provides ongoing gainful employment for doctors who are… Read more

Genesis (the band as well as the book)

Last night I had the chance to watch Genesis – The Video Show. The first album I ever bought was Duke on cassette, and I decided to learn to play keyboards after seeing the video for “Follow You, Follow Me”. (I even attended Bible college with the drummer in the band that eventually split to become, on the one hand Genesis, and on the other hand…nothing. Presumably the band members have met Kevin Bacon, so…you figure it out). I have… Read more

May The Zero-Point Field Be With You

I just finished reading Bernard Haisch’s book The God Theory: Universes, Zero-point Fields, And What’s Behind It All. I must confess that I was a bit concerned before I started (and for a little while after that, too) that this was going to be one of these kooky, New Agey types of books blending scientific ideas and spirituality into a half-baked hodge podge. But this book, refreshingly, isn’t like that. Instead, Haisch is very up front about what he thinks… Read more

The Dangers Of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Sometimes it takes a young, independent thinker to really make us aware of scientific issues in our country. Student Nathan Zohner decided to devote his science fair project to the circulation of a petition to band Dihydrogen Monoxide. As the web page which made him aware of the issue points out,Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is a colorless andodorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide,Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. Its basis is theunstable radical Hydroxide,… Read more

Savants and the Mysteries of Mind

I’ll comment at some later point on the book that led me to this topic – The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. In the book, Haisch brings up Savant Syndrome as evidence that the mind seems to be something that ‘shines through’ the brain rather than merely an epiphenomenon thereof. Or, as someone at the conference I attended in Romania put it, the brain is more like a radio than an Ipod. I am not persuaded, since I don’t feel… Read more

Oceanic Flight 815 Was Shot Down

I have to admit, the bit about the nanobots in the quiches was pretty funny. But the top moment in this past week’s episode of “Chuck” has to be the allusion to LOST, when Chuck, revealing various government secrets, adds to the list “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down…” Exactly what he says after that is not entirely clear, but apparently the closed captioning was clearer: the continuation was “by a surface-to-air missile”. Fans got excited on forums around the… Read more

The Lucifer Effect

There is a very interesting post on the Quixotic Infidel blog about a new book by Philip Zimbardo called The Lucifer Effect. There is also a talk by Zimbardo available online. His lecture (and apparently the book as well) focuses specifically on how good people end up doing horrendous things. Although this is his primary interest, he does actually talk about Lucifer as a figure in Jewish mythology, also using Escher’s “Angels and Demons” as an example. The talk is… Read more

Ways the Bible Speaks to us

Below are two stories that may or may not be well known, and which can be encountered in different versions. They are not intended as a recommendation on how to read the Bible – just for amusement purposes only.A man has been in business for many, many years and the business is goingdown the drain. He is seriously contemplating suicide and he doesn’t know whatto do.He goes to the Rabbi to seek his advice. He tells the Rabbi about allof… Read more

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