Apparently Michael Behe, after only 105 days after being challenged on it, has conceded he was wrong about a particular scientific claim. Read more about what else he and others did in the mean time here. Read more

“In the actual practices of the Evangelical community in North America, there is an over-commitment to Scripture in a way that is false, irrational, and harmful to the cause of Christ, and it has produced a mean-spiritedness among the over-committed that is a grotesque and often ignorant distortion of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus” (J.P. Moreland, “How Evangelicals Became Over-Committed to the Bible and What Can Be Done About It”, presentation to the 2007 Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San… Read more

We exist in the middle, in between.Stretching out beyond us in one “direction” is the micro-world, where we discover that matter and life and love all arise out of energy, and we lose track of what is going on, or at least the ability to imagine what it is like, as we enter the realm of quantum uncertainty.Stretching out beyond us in all directions is the macro-world. The Max Planck Institute created the millenium simulation to extrapolate from the visible… Read more

There is a discussion of a post of mine from a couple of months ago, “Why I am a Christian”, taking place on the Debunking Christianity blog. Come on over and join the fun! Read more

A while back I wrote a letter to the editor of a local free newspaper, responding to a letter by another reader who claimed that the Bible was written in the time of Constantine. The author of this initial letter has now responded once again, asking where the manuscripts are from before the time of Constantine.Although I can hear gasps of disbelief (and perhaps a few guffaws of laughter) from historians and Biblical scholars, I think it is important to… Read more

I am posting today about a dangerous teaching that is passing itself off as science, when in fact it is an anti-religious philosophy that has the potential to undermine the moral foundations of our society.I am referring, of course, to Intelligent Design.Let me begin with the many ways in which it is antithetical to Biblical morality, before moving on to address the ways in which it is opposed to key American values as well. We may as well begin with… Read more

I just posted this comment on one of Denyse O’Leary’s blogs, where, instead of providing her own usual antiscientific tirade, she reproduced one in the form of a dialogue between Phillip Johnson and Casey Luskin. The claim that was being made was that those who say evolution and faith are compatible are falling for a trojan horse scam which will eventually undermine their faith.Here’s what I wrote to her, and since I would like to those involved in the dialogue… Read more

“Mommy why do they say it is science when they haven’t done any testing yet? They should test their ideas first” (9 year old homeschooled child in a Christian family, reacting to the claims of proponents of Intelligent Design as depicted in the NOVA documentary “Judgment Day”).I just had to share this second ‘quote of the day’. It was left in a comment on Panda’s Thumb by the child’s parent, who was proud of their thoughtful and clear-sighted response. I… Read more

“I wonder what Mr. Rogers, Elmo, and the Teletubbies have to say about PBS’s leftist atheist agenda?” (N.B., an anonymous blogger)I’ve been made aware of a new blog belonging to a pharmacy student, and he had this great quote in response to the Discovery Institute’s accusation that PBS had “turned to the usual suspects” to promote their “agenda”.If the usual suspects are a basis for judging, their agenda is to educate people with information from credible sources. If only all… Read more

The National Center for Science Education has issued a press release affirming the accuracy of last night’s NOVA documentary “Judgment Day” about the Dover intelligent design trial.I notice that over at Uncommon Descent they are not mentioning it. Presumably they are keeping quiet and hoping it will be forgotten. Presumably if anyone does try to mention it they will be summarily banned…The Discovery Institute is lamenting the bias NOVA and PBS have against intelligent design (but, inexplicably, not their bias… Read more

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