Majestic Journey

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Kaska’s music ever since I first encountered it sharing an album with John Williams’ Trumpet Concerto and Essay for Strings. I’m delighted to find that more of his music has been released, both on CD as well as being found on YouTube. On some of the pieces below, you’ll [Read More…]

Wibbly Wobbly Gendery Bendery

With the announcement that a woman will be playing the Doctor, it occurred to me that “Wibbly Wobbly Gendery Bendery” would be a great title for a blog post. I began typing it in on Google, to see if anyone had already used the phrase, and it autocompleted it for me. The quote from “Blink” from [Read More…]

Presenting the 13th Doctor!

The news broke early – because the tennis finished early – that the next Doctor will pe played by… Jodie Whittaker. I can totally see it, can’t you? I am really liking this new way the BBC has been approaching the announcements of new Doctors starting with Capaldi. There is a little bit more information [Read More…]

Mark 7:27-28 for the Birds

This is another attempt to update a saying of Jesus into imagery that might make more sense to people today. After all, the dogs in most homes of Bible readers do not settle for crumbs. Some have their own dishes, and some eat from the plates of the “masters.” And so I thought that at the [Read More…]

The Thirteenth Doctor Will Be Announced Tomorrow

For those who may have missed the news, the BBC will be announcing tomorrow who the actor or actress will be who will next play the Doctor on Doctor Who. Any guesses? [Read more…]

Prayer for Orchestra

I discovered Amanda Harberg’s music through the Naxos Music Database. Her Viola Concerto is a phenomenal work, which you should listen to (it is on the composer’s website through SoundCloud). The same forthcoming CD also includes a wonderful viola concerto by Max Wolpert. Want more music now? Here’s Harberg’s Solis for Orchestra: Here is “Elegy for [Read More…]

The History of D&D (and G&G)

Rise of the Dungeon Master is above all else a history of Dungeons and Dragons in graphic novel/comic book form. But it is also a biography of Gary Gygax, and includes important moments in the history of Gen Con – although I am shocked that it did not mention Indianapolis! The book includes the true story behind the [Read More…]

Lawnmower Man and the Bible

The image of the man in Canada who was unphased by a tornado nearby while mowing the lawn went viral online in June. Only now, after some time has passed, did it dawn on me to connect it with the way I once thought of updating Jesus’ words in Luke 9:62. I’ve heard it said that if [Read More…]

Heroes of the Bible

I recently learned of the existence of a “Heroes of the Bible” expansion for the game Mare Nostrum: Empires by Academy Games. There is more information on the Academy Games website, as well as Board Game Geek. Have any of you played this game, whether the Bible form or any other? The inclusion of Bible [Read More…]

Dystopian Calls for Papers

Two calls for papers came to my attention recently, and so I thought I would share them here together, since the first one’s theme (covering dystopian fiction) is also a major subset of the second one’s subject area (young adult fiction): (UN)ETHICAL FUTURES: UTOPIA, DYSTOPIA AND SCIENCE FICTION 16 & 17 December 2017 With pre-conference [Read More…]