Something that the Pope said about translations of the Lord’s Prayer has made the news recently, and connects (albeit indirectly) with a subject that I was already planning to blog about. One of my older posts that continues to generate interest and discussion is a blog post about Neil Douglas-Klotz’s so-called “Original Aramaic Lord’s Prayer,” which in fact offers words that cannot be called a translation of the Lord’s Prayer as we find it in Aramaic or any other language. It… Read more

Doug Chaplin shared the following blue circle plaque that he made for Jesus, of the kind that one finds on important historic and heritage sites around the UK. I like that the plaque states what, historically speaking, we can consider very likely, namely that Jesus was Joseph’s son. On that topic, see also Kyle Roberts’ recent book A Complicated Pregnancy. I provided an endorsement for that book, and the publisher has made a study guide as well as the introduction and first… Read more

A lot more has been blogged that relates to the topic of mythicism. I should begin by highlighting the article by Daniel Gullotta which is now available in the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus. It provoked the kind of response that one would expect from Richard Carrier, who depicted Gullotta as incompetent, but not as bad as me. Deane Galbraith tackled the way Carrier responds to critics by using his own tools against him. First, he asked whether Carrier calculated the… Read more

If you thought the sausage roll in the manger in Greggs’ advertising was controversial, I wonder what you will make of this cover from a recent issue of Der Spiegel. I haven’t read the article, which I expect is more about online shopping and shipping than about Jesus. But the speech bubbles grabbed my attention and got me thinking about Jesus as a Messiah who was “not what we ordered” and one to be given back and exchanged for someone else… Read more

I went to see The Last Jedi yesterday afternoon. This post will contain spoilers. If you have yet to see the movie and wish to experience it without having heard about things that happen during it, this would be a good time to stop reading. Bookmark this post and come back after you’ve seen it. Others of you have been eagerly looking for opportunities to talk about the details of the movie with those who have already seen it, and… Read more

I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. It was there under my (not bright red or shiny) nose, yet I failed to notice it until now. Presumably you have all seen the Christmas decorations purportedly representing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that children are taught to make using popsicle sticks and which look something like this: Well, it wasn’t until today (I am ashamed to admit) that I noticed what this diabolical invention depicts when you turn it upside down… Read more

This is a really cool conference idea – holding a conference about Vampires in Transylvania, in Romania! It will be held in Sighisoara, which is the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the historical figure who is regularly associated with Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula despite having little in common. Here’s a snippet from the call for papers: Call For Papers: International Vampire Film and Arts Festival  – 7-10 June 2018 The third annual International Vampire Film and Arts Festival will take place… Read more

I assume that other readers of this blog have been surprised by my lack of comment on what others all over the internet have been talking about, namely the new trailers that have been released for The Last Jedi. Things have been incredibly busy, but I am indeed planning on seeing it. I’m more worried about whether holiday travel plans may interfere with me seeing the Doctor Who Christmas episode in a timely manner. Nerdist has analysis and speculations about… Read more

I am ever so grateful to Matthias Henze for allowing me the opportunity to interview him about his new book, Mind the Gap. Here are the questions that I posed to him, followed by his answers: JM: I saw an article in the Times of Israel about your book, the headline of which said that a Bible prof had said that Jesus is “more Jewish” than you think. How did you feel about that headline as a way of encapsulating the… Read more

I decided to break what had been one very long post about two mythicists into two shorter ones (although I will be the first to admit that neither is particularly short, which gives you a sense of why I thought it best to split them). The first was yesterday’s about Richard Carrier. Today’s takes its point of departure from discussions around  another mythicist, Earl Doherty. Jonathan Bernier pointed out (in a post which he subsequently deleted, but which Neil Godfrey nevertheless… Read more

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