I came across the shirt below, and felt I had to blog about it: I’m not sure whether the shirt is based on a lack of awareness of the Bible’s contents, familiarity only with children’s Bible versions of stories, wishful thinking, or some combination of the two. But “explicit content” seems more apt than “E for Everyone,” wouldn’t you agree? I first blogged about what movie-type rating would be given to the Bible, or to works within the Bible, back… Read more

As I emphasized in recent posts, the reason that I abandoned biblical inerrantism is that it is not merely unbiblical, but anti-biblical. It silences all but at most one of the diverse voices within the Bible, and denies or explains away rather than accepts the evidence that the Bible itself provides for its own human fallibility. I have said more about that in quite a number of other posts over the years. And so, having spent so much time talking… Read more

On the same basic subject as another post a few days ago, a recent study found that religious fundamentalists and other dogmatic individuals are more likely to believe fake news: It turns out that people who “endorse delusion-like ideation” are more likely to believe fake news — as are “dogmatic individuals and religious fundamentalists.” “The vulnerability of these individuals to belief in fake news was fully explained by their tendency to engage in less analytic and actively open-minded thinking…” the… Read more

I hope that at least some readers picked up on the pun in the title. Yes, this post will be not only about mainline Christian denominations and comments related to their declining numbers in recent years, but also about science fiction. I haven’t read James Corey’s series of novels on which the TV show The Expanse is based. And so I don’t know how much difference there may or may not be between the two with regard to the things… Read more

I have had some conversations recently with someone who thinks that circular arguments are sometimes OK. And around the same time, the possible circularity of arguments attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John came up in my Sunday school class. In John 8, Jesus is depicted as saying that his testimony about himself is essentially self-authenticating. This is all the more problematic because Jesus is depicted in chapter 5 as saying that if he testifies about himself, his testimony… Read more

I have heard people make claims about fundamentalism being a form of mental illness, but I’ve often felt that that was an inappropriate slight against genuine mental illness, using it in the demeaning way that popular speech talks about craziness and insanity. Moreover, there are lots of atheists who have said that religion of any sort is a mental illness, and hopefully all well-informed people are aware of the abundant counterevidence to that claim – which turns out, on closer… Read more

Here is the final installment in this series of posts allowing you to listen in on a conversation that I had with a colleague about biblical inerrancy (although I expect that our conversation will continue, and so this is the “final installment” of this part of it):   COLLEAGUE What evidence from the Bible led you to abandon inerrancy?   JAMES It was the sheer accumulation of examples of problems, contradictions, and/or human fallibility that changed my mind – not… Read more

Here is some more of my conversation with a colleague about inerrancy: COLLEAGUE Thoughts on Frame’s points under the criticisms section? An Interview with John Frame on Apologetics to the Glory of God   JAMES I think the problem is that there is still the assumption that not only is there an ultimate authority, but also the assumption that the human being engaging in the circular argument has grasped the meaning and will of that authority so perfectly that none… Read more

I thought I would giver readers of the blog the chance to listen in on the conversation that I have been having recently with a colleague on the topic of biblical inerrancy – in case any of you are curious how I sometimes end up blogging about the topics that I do, or in case you find the conversation helpful as you explore and discuss the topic yourself…   COLLEAGUE James, I read your “Just Sayin” post today and clicked… Read more

The latest Star Wars movie, Solo, manages to feel genuinely like a perfect prequel to A New Hope and the rest of the original, even more so than Rogue One. That even though it follows the opening words “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” with more words, and not the classic fanfare. This post will include spoilers, but if you haven’t already seem the movie and are in two minds about whether to do so, please… Read more

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