I decided to break what had been one very long post about two mythicists into two shorter ones (although I will be the first to admit that neither is particularly short, which gives you a sense of why I thought it best to split them). The first was yesterday’s about Richard Carrier. Today’s takes its point of departure from discussions around  another mythicist, Earl Doherty. Jonathan Bernier pointed out (in a post which he subsequently deleted, but which Neil Godfrey nevertheless… Read more

Larry Hurtado has written an excellent blog post in which he shows that Richard Carrier is simply not telling the truth, not accurate, and not persuasive on a number of topics central to his claims about Jesus. Here is a sample excerpt: The “mythical Jesus” view doesn’t have any traction among the overwhelming number of scholars working in these fields, whether they be declared Christians, Jewish, atheists, or undeclared as to their personal stance. Advocates of the “mythical Jesus” may… Read more

Students at Butler who want to go on the trip to Transylvania, there is still opportunity to do so. Tell your parents that the trip is what you want for Christmas! :-) Here’s some beautiful Romanian Christmas music to help you make your case: Here’s a useful video about Romania that may also be useful, and help persuade you as well as family that you should go! If that doesn’t do it, try this one: And since we end in… Read more

Even before the announcement was made that the U.S. Embassy in Israel will move to Jerusalem, hints in this direction had already had an impact on the State Department warning regarding travel to Israel, which in turn has required me to suspend my short term study abroad trip to Israel. I don’t object to moving the embassy in principle the way some others do. But I do object to the way it has been handled. On that subject, I think this is a great quote from Steve Wiggins:… Read more

I was delighted to have the opportunity to see the new movie Darkest Hour  before it opens in theaters tonight. I had been looking forward to seeing it, ever since I first saw publicity about it showing Gary Oldman, with prosthetics and makeup to turn him into Winston Churchill. The movie focuses on a relatively short period in May 1940, starting with the British parliament’s loss of faith in prime minister Neville Chamberlain. After some discussion and much reluctance from both… Read more

Wishing all readers of this blog a happy December 6th, the feast of St. Nicholas! Read more

It is one of the most disappointing aspects of conservative Evangelicalism that they are strident and loud about matters like “picking and choosing,” the coming of the “antichrist,” and the dangers of compromising one’s faith for worldly gain. And then significant numbers of them, including in particular their prominent leaders, visibly and unmistakably do all of those things, in a manner that is so blatant that there is only one plausible explanation for why Evangelicals more generally are willing to ignore and… Read more

When the above meme was drawn to my attention, I felt I had to share it. The contrast between biblical laws and the Republican tax bill is even starker than the meme from Facebook God indicates. The Torah in fact imposes taxes and tax-like practices that redistribute wealth to those in need, including returning land to its earlier owner once a generation. We need more memes like the one above, because there are apparently large numbers of people in the… Read more

Hemant Mehta shared the image above, suggesting that this is how progressive Christians should advertise in the age of trump. I like it a lot, and yet am troubled by aspects of it. First and foremost, I am disappointed at the sense conveyed that this church merely reflects the values of its urban context. At times in the past, progressive churches have been the influence that made cities progressive. Moreover, I have never seen an example of progressive economics or… Read more

Jeremiah Bailey shared a great idea for an activity for students. Give them the nativity creche manger scene and ask them to identify which items come from Matthew and which come from Luke. Perhaps consider giving bonus points for those who realize that some details – such as the barn itself – are not actually mentioned. On my Butler web space (which I have not updated in a very long time) you can find some class notes of mine from a… Read more

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