Ritual Items

With the first sliver of a new moon the Kalends of September arrives.  Arriving three hours after the sun rose, the crescent moon becomes visible this evening. The rites for the Kalends thus begin after midnight on 1 September.  For this we shall need a few more items besides our ritual implements.Essential for every formal Roman ritual is mola salsa.  Numa Pompilius, who founded the Religio Romana more than 2500 years ago, handed down the regulations for sacrifices that we still follow to … [Read more...]

Ritual Implements

The next step in preparing for formal ritual is to gather together the implements that may be needed.  These may depend on the God or Goddess for whom you intend to call upon.  For example, iron and steel implements are never to be brought into a place dedicated to Ceres; bronze, brass, or copper implements are used in Her rites instead. However, iron is appropriate to use in rites for Mars. No leather may be worn or used in rites for Carmenta, or for any other Goddess concerned with c … [Read more...]

Sun and Moon

Four days before the Kalends of September celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Sol and Luna. Fittingly, then, if only coincidentally this year, sun and moon join, as they do each month, for the New Moon just before midnight. The Kalends itself arrives when the first sliver of the New Moon may be seen in another day or so. The Kalends of September is a special date in that it is the first day of the Romans' rustic calendar, and thus the beginning of the Roman domestic New … [Read more...]