The Conversion of Annie Witz

You can listen to her story here at Called to Communion.  She is interviewed by Tom Riello. Annie is a Catholic convert from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Her father is on the board of Westminster Theological Seminary.

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    Thanks for the posting. I am an evangelical who has considered crossing the Tiber (past tense) but am always interested in the stories of those who decided otherwise. I did listen to Ms. Witz’s story. I related to her concerns but her “vibes” were edgy and really don’t help the cause. In particular, Dr. Godfrey was my prof in seminary. I found him to be one of the most gracious and honest of communicators. I saw him in the trenches of the Westminster wars over justification by faith. Never did he wander from the way of a gentleman nor did he equivocate. While his answers might not have satisfied Ms. Witz (and some of them are not persuasive to me either), I think she read a bit too much of a sinister spirit into Dr. Godfrey and an indifferentism to Roman Catholic concerns that I never experienced. If she is to make her testimony more useful to her new communion, she needs to reexamine tone and innuendo. Her story stands on its own, and there is much that I agree with. Just some feedback.