Libertarians for Life: A Nice Resource

You can find their website here.

  • Nick

    This reminds me of a favorite Pope Leo XIII quote of mine:

    There are others ["Libertarians"], somewhat more moderate though not more consistent, who affirm that the morality of *individuals* is to be guided by the divine law, but not the morality of the State, for that in public affairs the commands of God may be passed over, and may be entirely disregarded in the framing of laws. Hence follows the fatal theory of the need of separation between Church and State. But the absurdity of such a position is manifest.
    (Leo XIII, Libertas, 18)

    If the state is not guided by a divine standard, then the only two options are (a) legislator guessing at what is or is not sin, if not outright protecting and promoting sin, or (b) legislators getting stuck in an endless time philosophizing on whether or not something is right, defeating the purpose of legislation (which is to guide day to day life).

    It’s essentially the secular version of the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura.

    You cannot be Libertarian and Pro-Life in a consistent manner; and such is nothing to celebrate.

  • HawkinsValeria

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  • hat online
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  • brandon

    @nick, it is as though you didn’t even look at the website. You arrived with your opinion already well in hand. One can be both libertarian and pro life – just as one can be both protestant and pro life. You do not have an ideological monopoly on consistent pro life theology. Further, any group or individual that defends life should be celebrated so get off you high horse and be a team player.

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