Joshua DuBois, Author of “The President’s Devotional,” on Obama, Faith, and Religious Liberty

Joshua DuBois, Author of “The President’s Devotional,” on Obama, Faith, and Religious Liberty November 28, 2013
We are pleased to feature an interview with Joshua DuBois as the first post on this new blog about the art and craft of writing on religion. DuBois’ recently published book, The President’s Devotional, has been well received and widely reviewed. DuBois served as Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships during President Obama’s first term. He now teaches at New York University and is founder of the Values Partnerships consultancy.
The President’s Devotional is an unusual book, in a welcome way: while the daily devotionals stand on their own, you’ve added personal notes about yourself, about President Obama, and about what it’s like to serve in the White House in a highly divisive political atmosphere. Pitch the book to a potential reader: Why should someone read it?
A few reasons:
  1. Read this book if you’re looking for a theological boost in the morning that’s not too heavy, and not too light. The President’s Devotional brings people closer to God and to their purpose on earth each day, using meaty scripture, history and culture — but it’s an easy read at the same time.
  2. Read this book if you want one of the better compilations of quotations that has been published in the last 50 years. The President’s Devotional mines wisdom from everyone from Kierkegaard to Johnny Cash, Nina Simone to Abraham Lincoln, and many others. It’s great for students, pastors, teachers and others who appreciate popular wisdom.
  3. Read this book if you want to know more about President Obama as a man, rather than just the Commander-in-Chief or a guy on the television screen. Through the essays that begin each month, readers will see a side of the President they’ve never seen before.
  4. Read this book if you want to know about one man’s faith journey in the White (namely, me): triumphs and failures, and everything in between
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