“Cut Loose Your Stammering Tongue: Black Theology in the Slave Narratives,” is a book about the accurate description of Early Black Theology by Dwight N. Hopkins and George Cummings. These slave narratives document the whole series of their religious experiences and practice. These narratives uncovered the two links of blacks religious experience: the white-regulated message and practice, and the “invisible institution” that the slave community established across the South embodying its own religious ideals and aspirations. “Invisible institution” is the… Read more

The Literary Archive of Henry McNeal Turner, The Chaplain Writings, Vol 2 is due to be release in November of 2011. Here is what some are saying about the seriesDr. Andre E. Johnson’s scholarship on the life, work, and writings of The Henry McNeal Turner recovers an incredibly important aspect of African American history. It is always an important occasion when a scholar goes beyond the study of well known historical figures to re-introduce a leader who lived beyond the… Read more

Welcome to Rhetoric, Race, and Religion, the blog that examines these and other cultural intersections that play a huge importance in our lives. The phrase, “Rhetoric, Race and Religion” encompasses my entire research agenda and pastoral ministry and will be a place to house all of my work, ideas, thoughts and sometimes my laments as I continue to discern God’s call for me in this season of my life. In addition, this site will also be a place where we… Read more

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