The Colors of Hope: Press Kit

The Colors of Hope: Becoming People of Mercy, Justice and Love

by Richard Dahlstrom
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Press Release

Christians desiring “more” from their present spiritual reality, to live and lead a fuller life in Christ, need only read Richard Dahlstrom’s new book, THE COLORS OF HOPE: Becoming People of Mercy, Justice and Love. Dahlstrom, a senior pastor of a healthy, growing, vibrant church in Seattle, says the Christian life should be guided by the intentional goal of blessing the lives of the friends, loved ones, and strangers in our midst. We are called to impact a culture that, for all the rhetoric about hope, is overwhelmingly preoccupied with personal peace, prosperity, protection, and survival. Christians should be artists who paint with the colors of hope in a broken world, embodying Christ’s redemptive presence in our personal lives, our work, and our relationships.

This inspiring and practical book offers tools for living out this vision in daily life, with special attention given to the challenges we face in staying focused on the mission of imparting hope to others even while dealing with our own personal issues. Anyone who wishes they could have an impact on the world will cherish this unique book that reveals

  • Relevance – Importance: Culture often views Christianity in a negative light, always in the view of what it ‘stands against’, or what we ‘cannot do’.  Dahlstrom paints a refreshing and stirring portrait of a redemptive life, breathing life and color into the world through love and serving.
  • Personal – Provocative: Dahlstrom writes from personal experience in his own life, and he beckons all of us to become artists of healing and blessing in a bland and hurting world.  To become a people who paint with the colors of hope in a broken world.
  • Counter Cultural: In a world that is moving faster and faster, and not really going anywhere, in a society that worships personal peace, prosperity, protection and survival, Dahlstrom paints a beautiful biblical portrait of what the Church is FOR instead of what it is always seemingly against.


About the Author

Richard Dahlstrom is senior pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington; Bible college teacher with Torchbearers Missionary Fellowship; and a speaker at conferences throughout North America. his first book, 02: Breathing new Life into Faith, was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best Christian books of 2008. You can find more of his work at

Interview Questions

  • What is The Colors of Hope all about?
  • What motivated you, moved you, inspired you to write this book?
  • In the book you describe what a lot of people feel like at the end of the day when you write, “We’ll arrive home and  . . .for many, grey might still prevail. Relational struggles, addictions, loneliness, weariness, physical afflictions, and boredom are all on the list—various shads of grey that dampen hope.” How can Christians, as you put it, “paint our broken world” with colors of hope?
  • The book’s subtitle is “Becoming people of mercy, justice and love?” Which of these is most important to you?
  • What’s one of the least hopeful signs you see throughout the church, today?
  • What keeps you at up at night when you think of a grey world of angst, strife and violence—without a whole lot of mercy, justice and love?
  • If you could help us see one picture of hope from the book, what painting would you want us to see and remember?


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