Here We Go!

It’s official!  I am moving my blog over to Patheos and looking forward to writing in this neighborhood for a change.  This is Blog #1 for me at this new site.  Also, within a week or so, I will be starting a new regular column with Patheos.  If you are one of the early visitors to this site – WELCOME! Keep your eyes open for my column installments and frequent posts at this blog.

I am looking forward to reflecting, interacting, critiquing, sharing, encouraging, and asking questions right here – and often. My journey of faith in Christ has gone through many changes over the years, twists and turns, ups and downs, surprising opportunities and challenges, as well.  But, of all the things following Christ has been, there is one thing it has NEVER been, and I mean NEVER – and that is … boring!

Never. It is an adventure that keeps me on my toes (and, at times, on my knees).

The name of this Blog, you’ll notice, is THE CURRENT.  I chose this because it best says what I hope this blog will be – something that FLOWS with the Spirit of Christ; something that is UP-TO-DATE; and something that SPARKS an “electric” reaction in your heart, mind or soul.  I hope you will find the kind of “current” you need at the particular moment you visit the site.

That’s the idea.  I hope you will join me for the ride.

Until tomorrow!