Winter Is Gone!

One of the most astounding visuals of late is what is occurring in Yosemite Park in California. An unusual snowing and cold winter has begun to thaw and the results are that astounding waterfalls are breaking out all over the part in ways not seen in decades.  This clip from NBC Nightly News is one to be watched and absorbed.  After a year so full in the earth of unprecedented numbers of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and more – there is something encouraging and refreshing about what is going on in Yosemite. As I watched it, the words that kept coming to me were … “Winter is over. The rivers are beginning to flow again!” May it be so in your life – may the blessing and Spirit of God “flow” in fresh and powerful ways!

You’ve gotta’ see this!

Video Clip: Yosemite Comes Alive!

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