RvRs – 12 Distinctions Between RELIGION and RELATIONSHIP

Religion is about man endeavoring to work his way to God;

Relationship is about God coming down to man.

Religion depends on man’s effort;

Relationship depends on God’s grace.

Religion is about working harder;

Relationship is about coming closer.

Religion is based on rules;

Relationship is based on a promise.

Religion is a chore;

Relationship, an adventure.

Religion is complicated;

Relationship is simple.

Religion focuses on man’s faithfulness;

Relationship focuses on God’s.

Religion is legalistic;

Relationship is liberating.

Religion was man’s invention;

Relationship was God’s intention.

Religion poses many ways to God;

Relationship is God’s only way.

Religion is something you do;

Relationship is Someone you know.

Religion says we have to say our prayers;

Relationship says we get to.

So … is Christianity a “RELIGION” or a “RELATIONSHIP”?

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