Change Your Current Reality by Robert Ricciardelli

Prayer matters and talking to God has a miraculous way of changing things in your now and in your future. The most effective change through your conversations with God is in how He changes you. As you become one with God, and His intentions, you become His "Linchpin" or empowered "catalyst" for change all around you. You are changed and so now you can change current realities. What are you changing today through your life? "Are you aware that you are an ambassador for God and for change in the … [Read more...]

Ask God For Directions by Robert Ricciardelli

The world owes and promises you nothing. God owes you nothing yet gives you great promise. You were intentionally born into an amazing plan, and your existential purpose and destiny unfolds from moment to moment. Ask the world for directions and it will lead you down the path of its choice. Ask God for directions, and He will give you vision, walk with you, talk with you, and lovingly inspire your every step. " Therefore you owe the world, because you were given life for the world and to give … [Read more...]

Chasing After the Greatest Thing by Robert Ricciardelli

Jesus honored civic responsibility without being caught up in the chaos of governmental policy. He was consumed with a greater responsibility to God and His Kingdom. Turbulent conditions and crisis provide the opportunity to pursue the authentic life. Give Caesar his due while seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Do not conform to the present conditions, rather be transformed to change the conditions.Are you being swept into the unending and unproductive circular … [Read more...]

Awakened Into a Revolution by Robert Ricciardelli

False systems continue to crumble as people are shaken into a great awakening. The awakened people of God are unquenchably resolved to love and become one with each other. Seasonal changes must be met with a renewing of the mind in order to make the shift into Kingdom reality. Those who fail to navigate the shift and retreat back to what once was, will in the end find that they they have slept through a revolution. … [Read more...]

Mediocre Must Bow to Glory by Robert Ricciardelli

Anybody can get paid just to show up, but it is passionate work that attracts opportunity and favor. We have been created and empowered to make a creative difference in everything we do. Mediocre will not go away but it is the remarkable that change the world. It is not what we were born with but rather what we were born for that matters. You were born for success, and mediocre must bow to the glory of God within you. … [Read more...]

CZN Life Breakthrough Coach Training sessions Begin Aug. 23 and 25th

LIFE BREAKTHROUGH COACH TRAINING AND CERTIFICATIONOur breakthrough coach training helps people experience breakthroughs and transformation in their thinking, values and life purpose. Our Life Breakthrough Coach training is for those interested in pursuing life coaching from an authentic Biblical perspective. Are you a mentor, pastor, lay leader, counselor, life coach, or simply someone interested in adding breakthrough coaching skills to your existing business or ministry or just starting … [Read more...]

Beyond Corporate Value by Robert Ricciardelli

Corporate entities have at times replaced people with machines or reduced them as replaceable commodities. You are far greater than the technology, roles, and purposes of mankind. Know your identity as a loved and favored child of God, and do not remain a victim of your environment. He has empowered you for good works, and to create favorable conditions. His presence compels things to turn out as He desires for you. … [Read more...]

The God Beyond Systems by Robert Ricciardelli

People rely more on organizational authority for truth rather than using their own God given minds and discernment. Systems want people to submit to their mandates with no questions asked or any thinking outside their established dogma. These "people factories" often lead with fear and manipulation, and have no tolerance for unique expression. Seek God, walk in His ways, and the Spirit will lead you into all truth. … [Read more...]

God’s Voice of Freedom by Robert Ricciardelli

When you feel alone, Freedom shouts,"you are never alone!" When you believe that things will never change, Freedom says,"change is coming." When you think less of yourself, and that you don't deserve much, Freedom says,"you are more precious than gold, and deserve abundant life." In thinking that you can never be loved, Freedom says, "You have been loved before the foundation of the earth." Who will you believe? … [Read more...]

Blessings in the Realm of Justice by Robert Ricciardelli

True citizens of any nation choose to live in the righteous boundaries of that nation, and blessings flow in living in the realm of justice. God has provided a Kingdom nation for its citizens, a government for abundant life. Living for eternity now is realized by submitting to the love, power, and glory of this Kingdom within each of us. Blessed are those who align themselves with the substance of heaven. … [Read more...]