Avoid the Bitterness Detour by Robert Ricciardelli

Our choices, the choices of others, and God's providence have led us to this place called today. Hope instigates happiness while pursuing our dreams through life's peaks and valleys. If we do take the bitterness detour, we can go through struggles with discipline, dignity, and happiness, and knowing the promise we have for brighter tomorrows. … [Read more...]

Connective and Collective Joy by Robert Ricciardelli

When you are told that you are faster, smarter, or more beautiful than others, it feels good. It seems like joy can be associated with being different, or standing above the crowd, but such joy is very temporary. True joy is hidden where we are the same as other people as part of God's family. It is the joy of being family, and of lovingly sharing life together. "God in us," brings connective and collective joy in creation. … [Read more...]

Embracing God and Creation by Robert Ricciardelli

A spiritual person is one who holds both God and creation in thoughtful and loving embrace. Aware of God's love for humanity, those who are Spirit led will hurt at injustice, live in God's own pain over the ills of humanity, and share in the pain and suffering of others. They are compelled to take action, their greatest passion is compassion, and their greatest strength is love and the defiance of despair. … [Read more...]

Joy Filled Strength and Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Abundant life comes through a joy filled existence. God gives us freedom, and especially the freedom to choose. Regardless of what you have experienced or are experiencing in your journey, there is a promise, hope, and choice that remain for you. Embracing hope through faith you can choose joy over sorrow, regret, and despair. Joy fuels a passionate heart, and God illuminated joy brings strength to each day.  … [Read more...]

Faith is the Remedy for Fear by Robert Ricciardelli

The fear of pain and heartache is far worse than the suffering itself. The remedy for fear of the future is faith in your present, faith in the God who has brought you to now, and faith that He will guide you through every tomorrow. Suffering has little hope in the heart of one who is chasing their visions and dreams. Every moment spent in your engagement with destiny, are moments spent encountering God and eternity. … [Read more...]

To Learn is to Win by Robert Ricciardelli

I have won, I have lost, and I have learned. What I have  won I do not take for granted, nor do I rest upon my past victories. When I have lost, I have often gained, and I never gaze long at my past defeats. What I have learned has become a treasure that can never be taken from me. There are both winning and losing experiences through life, but to have learned is to have become, a winner. … [Read more...]

Expect the Unexpected Gifts in Life by Robert Ricciardelli

I learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected and I have also learned that the unexpected was often God's expected provision for my good. His gifts come in the form of comforting victories as well as strengthening trials. Embrace God's unexpected gifts no matter how comforting or discomforting they may be. Expect that over time, you will learn and grow from the unexpected opportunities that God sends your way. … [Read more...]

Life Beyond the Meetings by Robert Ricciardelli

Religion often communicates that a church meeting is more significant than loving and serving people in every day life. We wonder why we do not make a difference in our communities when we do not bring relevant faith, hope, and love to those who need it the most. Be thankful for purpose filled meetings, but be more thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in people lives in moments of each and every day. … [Read more...]

The Truth, The Way, The Life by Robert Ricciardelli

God Himself contains all Truth for He is Absolute Truth.  He is the creator of all things, the giver of life, the All who restores all through His Truth. He beckons us to choose freedom and His abundant reality life. He empowers us to discern what is of His substance while uncovering the paradigms that mimic the truth but in the end leads us away from His best. Christ, sets us free into His amazing truth, way, and life.  … [Read more...]

Replace the Lies with Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Things that happen to us are not nearly as damaging as the aftermath in our minds, and how we process them, release the power of them, or allow the painful memories to control to our mind, will, and emotions. Often times our thoughts become lies and keep us in bondage to our circumstances. Change the story in your mind, replace the lies with the truth, and healing can come while you get back on course with destiny. … [Read more...]