We tend to do away with things that are slightly damaged. We often treat people in the same way. We say: “Well, he has a problem with drinking; well, she has emotional issues; well, he is depressed a lot.” When we dismiss people because of their apparent woundedness, we miss their inner beauty and gifts, which are often buried in their wounds. We all are wounded at some level, whether our wounds are visible or not. The compassionate life is… Read more

When I talk to someone who deeply understands me, my thoughts come pouring out like an enthusiastic child. I’m happiest when I get to spend enough time with the few people who truly get me, and love me despite my unique and unusual, vision, passion, and style. Read more

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Community can make us think of safe authentic togetherness, or shared meals and joyful celebrations. It may also call forth images of sectarian exclusivity, and self-satisfied isolation. Ultimately, community reveals the quality of a heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another, and it becomes the harvest of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own. How well we can develop and nurture giving hearts… Read more

Faith enlightens the path behind you, and gives you hope. It will take you through the light and the darkness of your todays and tomorrows. Read more

Christians who profess Christ sometimes may have a head knowledge of truth yet remain far from the heart filled love of God. They do not live in whom they say they believe in, and so judgment, division, and exclusion rules their world. they quote scriptures out of context and hatefully and mercifully condemn those who are different or think differently than themselves. They may have become what we might call, “Modern day pharisees.” Those who are not moved by love,… Read more

The anointing is not something that comes and goes. The anointing comes from the Anointed One who never leaves us and is ever present to deliver His love, mercy, and grace in power. People feel the anointing like it just came upon them, when it actually just poured through them. We all have the ability to be a conduit for His ability, His presence, His anointed transactions. That is not exclusive to anyone, but inclusive to all living temples of… Read more

I Hereby Resolve ….. My New Year’s Resolutions, 2013 I have studiously avoided falling into the New Year’s Resolutions trap for all of my adult life. I’ve seen too many failed diets, too many failed self-improvement promises over the years, and rather than set myself up for inevitable failure, I have simply avoided disappointment through disengagement. But this year I’ve given in, surrendered to temptation. I’m joining the masses, marching to the drumbeat of convention. I’m making my first-ever resolutions… Read more

Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions Posted on August 22, 2011 by Stephen Sizer Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions 1. God promises to bless those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel This popular if misguided assumption is based on Genesis 12:3. It shows how vital it is we allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. First, the original promise was made to Abram (that is Abraham) and no one else. Second, there is nothing in the… Read more

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