Laughing in the Wind: A Pirate’s Guide to Certain Doom

She sings a song of Power, Freedom, Wind and Rain moving in perfect choreography to shake the land and make the sea Dance. Read more

Thoughtcrimes: What Witches Can Learn from Milo’s Dangerous

Be real.  Be here.  Be loud.  And for the love of the Gods, please be funny!  Amusement beats evil.  May the odds be ever in your favor. Read more

Scythes and Surrender

Be grateful for the harvest.  Be mindful of the sacrifices that create continuity, peace, and sustenance.  Be open to surrender. Read more

Midsummer Magic: Let it Burn

Magic is a life hack. A cheat code. Complexity presents more options, but the most effective technique is the one that calls to you. The one that works. Read more

Bargains and Pacts

Been thinking of the concept of bargains with the Otherworld, and this piece came to mind.  The premise is that of Fairy Brides, who get captured by mortals and forced to marry.  I was thinking of the stories in which the fisherman keep and hide the skins of their Selkie lovers, to keep them tame.  In the end they always reclaim their power, and disappear into the wild.  My thought on this is that whatever one calls them, Fae, dragons,… Read more

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

When I was a student in the Netherlands, one concept that I enjoyed playing with was the idea of American Apocalysm.  This is a term I created to describe a cultural phenomenon that puzzled my European friends.  My discipline was religious studies, and the majority of the Dutch folks I encountered self-identified as atheist.  The churches within walking distance of my flat in Amsterdam had all been converted into clubs and music venues decades ago. The other international students I… Read more

May Eve

This is a song I have been playing with that I would like to share. With all of the focus on Spring and new beginnings, I got to thinking about the bizarre, yet pervasive, equation of youth and sexuality in our culture.  Sexual repression and fear of aging is endemic in our society.  It gets boring. I felt the urge to celebrate something very different for Beltane.  An ode to maturity, or at least adult distractions and refined acts of… Read more

Sea Scrying: Circles, Patterns, or Portals?

Reading the Pagan blogosphere reminds me of the ocean at times, the waves of thoughts crashing together.  The salty taste of ideas that are beautiful or strident.  The sting of overexposure, of feeling adrift in a flood of moving molecules.  The irony of being thirsty in the midst of so much water. The image reminds me of a line from the original story of the Little Mermaid.  In the fairy tale, sea foam is all that remains of dead mermaids. … Read more

Spring Forward

Today is a complex day.  It is my mother’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and just a few days shy of Spring Equinox.  It is the 3 year anniversary of the death of my good friend and mentor, Donald Michael Kraig, and the approximate date of my uncle’s death 4 years ago, (though the actual date of his passing was never confirmed.) I am in a contemplative mood, thinking of all of the birth and death and revelry that occur on… Read more

The Great Queen and Highway Magick

I have been thinking of the Morrigan recently, and her role as a Warrior.  Read more

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