Sea Scrying: Circles, Patterns, or Portals?

Reading the Pagan blogosphere reminds me of the ocean at times, the waves of thoughts crashing together.  The salty taste of ideas that are beautiful or strident.  The sting of overexposure, of feeling adrift in a flood of moving molecules.  The irony of being thirsty in the midst of so much water. The image reminds [Read More…]

Spring Forward

Today is a complex day.  It is my mother’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and just a few days shy of Spring Equinox.  It is the 3 year anniversary of the death of my good friend and mentor, Donald Michael Kraig, and the approximate date of my uncle’s death 4 years ago, (though the actual date [Read More…]

The Great Queen and Highway Magick

Yesterday I was invited to participate in a devotional ritual honoring the Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield.  She is a fellow Llewellyn author and new friend, and texted me early in the day to ask if I could pitch in as one of the ladies in her group had called out sick, and they needed a [Read More…]

Shapers, Makers, Builders, Breakers

What is the defining characteristic that unites all Pagans, Occultists, Witches, and Other? The “big tent” of Paganism includes such diversity that it is hard to quantify a cohesive movement.  Clearly it is not our politics, as there are liberal, conservatives, and moderates mixed together.  It is not our spiritual or religious affiliation (or non-affiliation). [Read More…]

Grey Magick and Soapbox Preachers

Yesterday I had dental work. I also had a sinus infection. I was excused from returning to my office.   This freed me up to take a trip downtown to file my modified paperwork from last week’s adventures.  It’s an odd moment to realize that one is excited to be sick enough to go to [Read More…]


  It’s been a long week.  Tough negotiations all around, but several things are settled.  Survived the final mediation with the ex on Thursday.  He is on to new adventures in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.  I refinanced my house on Friday.  Have been rehabbing my pop up camper over the weekend.  Had [Read More…]

Loaves and fishes

  My take on #Pexit, and related concerns.  In honor of my new agreement with the hosts of the site, all boring words have been replaced with alternate-profanity. The Background First, my credentials, for what it is worth.  I am a High Priestess in British Traditional Wicca, with some Ceremonial Magic for added flavor. I [Read More…]

Yule Thoughts, Solstice Transitions

The wheel turns, and the longest night of the year begins. 2016 has been a challenge on many levels, but the warmth of family and friends is a balm to the troubled spirit. [Read more…]

Religious Signs of Our Times

Elementary School Have I slipped into a parallel dimension, or is this the real world?  A religious fanatic decides to target several schools in my neighborhood, including the one my kids attend, and therefore pickets the car line where people receive and drop off students, before and after school.  She shows up with a four [Read More…]

Strong Medicine

Wednesday was a tough day.  I watched many of my friends and loved ones collectively melt down after the election results, still others were applauding and optimistic.  I am a registered Independent, so have friends on both sides of the aisle.  I live in Florida, where the red northern half of the state meets the [Read More…]