Mermaids Life is never boring on Pluto.  This year has rushed in like a tsunami, January crashed down on me with the unstoppable force of a tidal wave.  My good friend Ned unexpectedly passes, my ex drops a lawsuit on me, and another friend is going down rapidly with brain cancer.  A high school I used to live just down the road from was the most recent site of an active shooter massacre.  Tension and grief are thick on the… Read more

I took a trip to Birmingham for business, and had the chance to explore the Magic City.  I was born in southern Alabama, though I did not grow up there.  I had time to kill before work, and I was intrigued because this city hums with power and promise.  I admit I knew little about the place, only that it had been the site of the famous 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963, in which four girls were killed… Read more

Got a call yesterday morning that my wonderful friend Ned has died.  I have been kicking myself, instead of calling him on New Year’s Day I was lazy, hibernated, called no one and regret that missed opportunity.  We had just spoken last week, he thanked me for the holiday card I sent and wished me a happy birthday.  I am 37, at that magical age where I seem to have as many dead friends as live ones.  I am heartbroken. … Read more

My friend called me on Tuesday.  Her close friend and guitarist was the one who called 911 and found the body of the fourth victim of the Tampa killer.  She is concerned, the victim was found roughly 100 yards or so from his front porch and the authorities know nothing.  All of the footage of the suspect is blurred, and so far it seems as if this person simply vanishes on foot.  She asked me for some magickal assistance and… Read more

This is the time to reflect, and catalogue my experience from the past year.  Ever since Pluto has gone direct, things have been haywire.  2017 is not going out without a fight.  All of my friends are dealing with Fires, Floods, and Storms. Seems like everyone’s job is up in the air or going through some kind of Grand Recalibration.  Perennial relationship woes.  Mass murder in Las Vegas.  #Metoo. There is also a serial killer currently on the loose in… Read more

She sings a song of Power, Freedom, Wind and Rain moving in perfect choreography to shake the land and make the sea Dance. Read more

Be real.  Be here.  Be loud.  And for the love of the Gods, please be funny!  Amusement beats evil.  May the odds be ever in your favor. Read more

Be grateful for the harvest.  Be mindful of the sacrifices that create continuity, peace, and sustenance.  Be open to surrender. Read more

Magic is a life hack. A cheat code. Complexity presents more options, but the most effective technique is the one that calls to you. The one that works. Read more

Been thinking of the concept of bargains with the Otherworld, and this piece came to mind.  The premise is that of Fairy Brides, who get captured by mortals and forced to marry.  I was thinking of the stories in which the fisherman keep and hide the skins of their Selkie lovers, to keep them tame.  In the end they always reclaim their power, and disappear into the wild.  My thought on this is that whatever one calls them, Fae, dragons,… Read more

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