Hek, Heka, Hekate: Unleash the Hounds

Hek, Heka, Hekate: Unleash the Hounds November 16, 2017

My friend called me on Tuesday.  Her close friend and guitarist was the one who called 911 and found the body of the fourth victim of the Tampa killer.  She is concerned, the victim was found roughly 100 yards or so from his front porch and the authorities know nothing.  All of the footage of the suspect is blurred, and so far it seems as if this person simply vanishes on foot.  She asked me for some magickal assistance and so I am bound to lend my energies to the apprehension of this predator that has terrorized my city for the past month.  All the witches and magicians in town are working on this, with various methods and approaches.  We are all in agreement that this is a time for all hands on deck.  I have felt the pull of Hekate on this one, and it is auspicious that the good people of Patheos Pagan have decided to honor her on this day by running all these posts.  I have been heads down for the most part, but I recognize the call when I hear it.

Ever since I received this call for aid I have been very focused on going to the site of the crime.  It happened at a strange place, near a crossroads, by a blue building with a picture of Elvis as Shiva.

Photo by Sonja Sadovsky
Photos by Sonja Sadovsky


The cops have had it on lock down for the past few days, but today I was able to find it. I have been focused on securing a physical link to this last scene, to get a read on the killer.  Honestly, I was working on autopilot, tense as my friends had indicated that going to the site would be problematical, that there would be too much attention to get close.  They were right.  Today there were nothing but news crews and interviews going on, but luckily I was wearing a suit and able to blend in to pay my respects.  I presented an offering, along with my request to assist in calling for justice for the life that was lost here.  Permission was granted, and I secured the final necessary ingredient.

Hekate is the patron Goddess of my house, which sits on a crossroads where three roads meet.  She was the first Goddess I knew, before I ever called upon that name.  My relationship with her is not academic, but primal.  She is the one who taught me witchcraft before I ever encountered Wicca.  She is the one who has guided me through many transitions.  I find that She uses me when she has need, and for some reason I forget this until Her energy courses through me.  Perhaps this is important, so I can function as I do in my day to day. Her energy is chaotic, dark, and manic at times. The last 3 days I have been one of her Hounds, excited, sniffing the air, scoping out the scene and the surrounding neighborhoods in Hunting mode. I guess some disturbance of the force went out, as several friends contacted me to state that I should be careful, watch myself.  My energy has shifted and I am in go mode. I was confused until I remembered the feel of Her hand upon me.  I’m going with it, and now I know my part to play.

For those that are interested, there is a lot of great scholarship going around these days in regards to Hekate.  One really wonderful resource I have had a lot inspiration from is The Rotting Goddess by Jacob Rabinowitz.  The rest of my knowledge and technique has come from direct transmission and years of experimentation.  The path to Her is open for those who have the courage to begin.  Tonight I have work to do, so this post is a brief one.  One of her aspects is the Eater of Filth, and she is pleased to be offered rotten things and that which needs to be cleared away. My best advice to those who would call upon Her is to go with your gut, as ecstatic inspiration is the Key to Her mysteries.  On this night sacred to her, I share this prayer.  May your darkest nights be illuminated with Her light.

Hek, Heka, Hekate

Shine your Light, Show us the Way

Lady of the Crossroads


The World Tree becomes the Gallows.

Eater of Filth, Your mantle is wet

With the blood of the Fallen.

Black bitch of Midnight,


Your howl shakes the world.

We tremble and shudder at Your dread voice,

O Blessed One.

Unleash the Hounds, the Predator becomes the Prey.

Hek, Heka, Hekate

Shine your Light, Show us the Way.

Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell

Open the Gates

Beyond Night and Day.

Your Torch becomes the Sun

That casts no Shadow.

Bless this Hunt

May the Furies punish the guilty,

Guided by Your Hand.

Hek, Heka, Hekate

Shine Your Light, Show us the Way.

Photo by Sonja Sadovsky
Photo by Sonja Sadovsky


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