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On earth as it is in heaven: more on social construction

I wanted to add a postscript to yesterday's post. I suggested yesterday that the plan of salvation as it is currently taught, that is as a comprehensive three-act progress of the soul, is a good example of the way that church teachings are built. Using suggestions and gestures gathered from scripture, we harmonize, systematize, elaborate, and infer -- guided, we hope by inspiration -- until we arrive at application-ready religious precepts capable of guiding our modern lives and choices. For me, … [Read more...]

The Great Existential Struggle of the Bi-monthly Gospel Doctrine Teacher

I teach Gospel Doctrine in my ward. Lesson 19 was up last week, covering the plan of salvation from pre-mortal beginnings through eternal life. It was not an easy lesson to prepare, probably the hardest I've tackled this year. Part of the problem was the sheer scope of the subject matter: from eternity to eternity in thirty minutes or less, with the problem of evil thrown in. I find this kind of grand overview lesson daunting to prepare and boring to execute, since there's little time for … [Read more...]