June 20, 2012 5:11am

Mexicansoulmusique Machinery (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

June 19, 2012 9:43pm

Bernard Lonergan, from “Understanding and Being” (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

June 19, 2012 4:11am

Went shopping today. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

June 18, 2012 9:53pm

Homeschooling is usually associated with school-choice and privatization that come from the Right. Sadly, this is a caricature. Unschooling and deschooling are related to homeschooling in many ways, but, unlike homeschooling, they have more obvious history and bandwidth than the narrow Right. Here is an interesting, introductory lecture by Astra Taylor — a through and through Leftist — on her experience being unschooled. The conversation that follows the lectures is also very interesting.The us … [Read more...]

On Not Missing Facebook

When deleted my Facebook account, I felt some trepidation. I was excited to get rid of it, but that’s not the whole story: I also worried about my unplanned course of action, I was concerned that it was too reactionary. I worried about a lot of things, really. And I lost some people too. After filling my address book and Gmail contacts, I saw that there were some people who, for whatever reason, I now do not have the ability to easily contact. What is striking about my feelings about … [Read more...]

June 17, 2012 8:34am

A new door sign for my office at UND. (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Noise Trading

I’ll be using NoiseTrade to offer free downloads of my music during the summer. Albums can only be posted one at a time, but all original tracks will also be posted at my Soundcloud account after they are removed from NoiseTrade. Freedom for Love will remain available until the end of next week then I’ll post another album. For the next one, I’ll let you choose which one goes up first. I can either post: 1. A 3-track EP (redundantly titled Appetizers) I recorded with my Twin … [Read more...]

‘Freedom for Love’ at NoiseTrade

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, my debut EP, Freedom for Love, is available for free download and full track listening at NoiseTrade. (See the widget below.) Please share and listen freely, with promiscuity. I will be posting several more of these free albums throughout the summer, including The Upi Dupi La La Sessions. Physical copies can be purchased at CD Baby. … [Read more...]

June 16, 2012 6:01am

My subscription to the Paris Review gained me this lovely — an comfy! — t-shirt. Now I can read more recent interviews, alongside their huge archive online. … [Read more...]

New Review – Heidegger’s Philosophic Pedagogy

Educational Philosophy and Theory has published my review of Michael Ermantraut’s book, Heidegger’s Philosophic Pedagogy. The author also published a thoughtful response. (I cannot post my own copy because of my agreement with the publisher, but I am happy to share a copy via e-mail, just let me know.) I enjoyed the book very much — and recommended it. Our only disagreement comes down to a reoccurring theme in my own work: the philosophical value and validity of biography, … [Read more...]