About Sam Rocha

I am the editor of Patheos Catholic and assistant professor of philosophy of education at the University of British Columbia, where I am a member of the Green College Common Room and pastoral philosopher in residence at St. Mark’s College. I’ve written several books and recorded several albums; you can find more information at my website: www.samrocha.com.

Feel free to contact me regarding my blog or the Catholic Channel at srocha@patheos.com.



I don’t have one. Do just about anything you like, provided that you’re a person and not a spambot. I tend to see outrageous or abusive or even illegal comments as exercises in self-humiliation. They often show what cannot quite be said. By rejecting the artificial prescriptions of rules and protocol, more natural ones will be allowed to operate. If something arises with enough urgency that merits something like a “policy” then I suppose I’ll make one up. But I am much more inclined to delete any problems just as arbitrarily as I might make up a policy, appealing to nothing other than what seems to follow from the common, implicit order of things around here and elsewhere.