Guitar update…

Got my half round strings from Amazon today (see 4 May image below), took them to Mr. Mark (my favorite luthier) and got to see the fret dressing. It looks amazing already. Plus they replaced the jack, switch, cleaned the pots, and polished all the hardware. I am beyond pleased and excited. Will post a photo when it’s done. She’s gonna be a beauty and a beast. … [Read more...]

May 7, 2012 6:29am

A fascinating, pragmatic experiment in minimalism. … [Read more...]

May 7, 2012 12:46am

A nostalgic photo I found at SmokeLong Quarterly. … [Read more...]

requiescat in pace, baby gianna

My niece — Gianna Anne Kolles — was born, lived, and died today. We were able to be there with her parents, sisters, and grandparents; her delicate birth, short life, and swift death are an intimately rich, tragic, and powerful testament to the beauty and sufficiency of life, especially the life of human persons. She will be given a Christian funeral and burial this Thursday. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. Events such as these remind me, and should remind us … [Read more...]

sink-o de mayo tutorial

El Día de la Batalla de Puebla is the full, Spanish name for the original festivity of the day. Nope, it’s not Mexico’s independence day — that day is 16 September — it actually a small, regional celebration of a Mexican victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla. Try sharing that over Corona or Patron shots. OR NOT. … [Read more...]

a website is brewing

Have I mentioned how much I love Tumblr? You’d think they were paying me to say it. Anyhow, as you can surely tell, I’m working towards replacing my old “academic homepage” at with this. I would appreciate your feedback at this early stage, before the url transfers. You can use the “contact info” page to find a way to lemme know whatcha think. (Is there an inbox function at tumblr?) Thanks! ps: typos abound, always. If you find any in the links, … [Read more...]

May 5, 2012 3:03am

Ray Monk on Biography … [Read more...]


re: goodbyes suck, 3 may 2012 Not all goodbyes suck. Saying goodbye to explosive diarrhea does not suck at all. Likewise, saying goodbye to shitty people and shitty places and alike doesn’t suck either. But, again: saying goodbye to those you love, those whose absence makes your world a little smaller, saying goodbye to these sorts of people, places, and so on always sucks. … [Read more...]

Note to my little, baby sister:

Dearest Ana, I am NOT 30. I’m 29. Thank you kindly. Yours always, Semmy … [Read more...]

May 4, 2012 11:39pm

D’Addario XL Half Rounds Electric Guitar Strings, medium 11 - 49: Turns out they are impossible to find in the Twin Cities, where I am presently trying to get them strung to my G&L F100 Series II that is being serviced by the capable Mr. Mark, of Mr. Mark’s Music in downtown Anoka, MN. Thank God for Amazon and fast, but pricey, next-day shipping. It should be worth it though. A smoother feel and more buttery mids and low end to a guitar that has plenty of burn-your-face-off, high end to spa … [Read more...]