When Stephen King Punched Me in the Face (figuratively speaking)

For the past four days, I have been blogging daily. I know that may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but if you’ll take a look at the dates of my other blog posts, you’ll notice that this is a new record for me. My previous record for most consecutive days in which I blogged is probably a whopping 1.

But, a couple weeks ago, I finished reading Stephen King’s book, On Writing (which is a must-read for anyone who wants to be a writer, by the way). It inspired me, encouraged me, but most of all, it whipped my lazy butt into shape. Stephen King doesn’t use fluffy, inspirational phrases that make you believe in yourself as a writer. The man tells you like it is:

“If you don’t want to work your ass off, you have no business trying to write well. Settle back into competency and be grateful you have that much to fall back on.”


That hurt.

But it was exactly what I needed.

And since then, I’ve been writing every day. It’s taken me awhile to actually work up the courage to publish something everyday, but I’m hoping I can make it a habit.

So, tune in tomorrow! I’ll be writing about some of the excuses that we make for not creating! I know I have a few of my own, but if you’d like to share your own excuse of choice, do so in the comments section. I’d love your imput!

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  • http://susandalzell.wordpress.com susandalzell

    “On Writing” is a great book! Thanks for bringing it up — I should pull my copy off the shelf and get re-inspired. Good luck to you!

    • http://moonchild11.wordpress.com moonchild11

      Yes, indeed. It’s probably my favorite.

  • http://www.holdingontothemagic.com Niki

    I’ve taken the same advice from Anne Lamott (albeit delivered in a somewhat more compassionate voice in Bird by Bird). I really do make an effort to write every day, with the exception of the first two and last two weeks of a semester (and breaks when I’m doing house projects, since I’m usually at the point of exhaustion when I finally put down my paintbrush!). I know my writing sudden seems to come more easily when I just write SOMETHING each morning.

    Good luck keeping it going!

    • http://moonchild11.wordpress.com moonchild11

      I think Stephen King has recommended Bird by Bird. I’ll have to give it a read!

    • http://www.holdingontothemagic.com Niki

      *suddenly, not sudden. I really shouldn’t try to comment when I’m filing papers. 😉

  • http://storytellingnomad.wordpress.com Katy

    I’ve heard so much about this book. Looks like I need to get it!

    • http://moonchild11.wordpress.com moonchild11

      yes! well worth the read.

  • http://theladyexpounds.wordpress.com ladytamlihua

    Stephen King is the man when it comes to writing. 😀

    • Horrorbooksarethefodderoftheliterarygenre

      Stephen King is a incredibly poor writer who had destroyed countless forests coming to the point and excels at nothing, King is best described as a virus in human form.

      • http://www.moonchild11.wordpress.com Sarah Moon

        Well, congrats! I think you are the first legitimate troll to move in under the bridge here! Make yourself at home and feel free to share your opinion, but remember to be nice! I have the right to delete comments at my discretion! :)