Happy Women’s Equality Day!

I don’t have a new post for today, but I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Here are a few older posts by me on the topic of women’s equality:

I have a sex drive! You have a sex drive! We all have sex drives! 

My anatomy says I’m a woman, but society isn’t so sure 

Crippling lies and “tennis shoes” of truth 

An egalitarian submits  

Relationships, gender, and cacophonous music

And here are a few of my favorite posts by others on the topic:

Is feminism a dirty word? 

Thou shalt not let thyself go?

In which I am part of the insurgency

How to live a good love story- a top eleven list for my daughters


And, of course, there’s this:



Have a great Women’s Equality Day! Men, take time to appreciate the women in your life! Women, take time to enjoy being a woman!

What are some of your favorite articles about women’s equality? Have you written anything on the subject? Share below! And share some women who inspire you and make the world a better place!



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  • Reece

    I had to google “Women’s Equality Day” because we don’t have it in Australia! I thought maybe you were just inventing a day (which would be cool and I would totally support, anyway!)

    Anyone read “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir? I underlined the heck out of that book! Quite enlightening!

    • http://moonchild11.wordpress.com moonchild11

      that book is actually on my reading list! Of course, there are about 100 books on that list so no idea when I’ll actually get to it. It sounds like a fascinating read though!