Feeling the world’s brokenness…

Do you ever feel the brokenness of the world?

Do you ever hurt with the rest of humanity?

Or groan with creation as it waits for redemption?

Sometimes, in our individualist, self-centered society, we forgot the bigger picture. We forget that we are part of creation. That we are members of humanity.

We forget that we were meant to be, as Rob Bell says, “connected with each other in one giant global embrace.”

Knit together in love.

Just like we all will be in Christ’s coming kingdom.

But then we hear about the execution of a probably (and definitely by Christ’s standards) innocent man.

Or we read about yet another suicide  resulting from bullying.

And suddenly, we feel the pain of others so deeply that we hurt. We cry. Even when we don’t know them. Have never met them. Might not even know their names.

Creation groans.

And we groan with it.

Sometimes God lets us experience the brokenness of the world, even when it does not directly involve us.

Sometimes God gives us glimpses of the pain of others.

Don’t run from it. Don’t avoid it.

Embrace it.

Weep with those who weep.

Remember that we are all in this together.

And eagerly wait for redemption.

Do you ever hurt with the world? I’m feeling it tonight for Troy Anthony Davis and Jamey Rodemeyer. Redemption, God. Please? 

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