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Sometimes you find God somewhere else.

Sometimes you don't find God in church.Sometimes you go to church, and as others around you experience the Almighty, you experience only discomfort.Or the pain of old wounds.Or bitterness.Sometimes you enter that building and something triggers a memory and your heart goes into defense mode and something tells you not to let yourself be vulnerable.Not this time.Not right now.Maybe next time, but right now. Today. You must keep your heart safe.And you wonder if God is there, but … [Read more...]

Weekend Links!

Here are some of my favorite things from the past week! Enjoy!"What Christians can do to help survivors" by Somatic Strength: SUCH an important message. All Christians, please read this."What Planned Parenthood actually does, in one chart" by Ezra Klein: In light of the recent Komen Foundation controversy, I think it's important that we recognize that Planned Parenthood is not an evil baby killing machine. In fact, it probably prevents more abortions and saves more lives than it actually … [Read more...]

Tell us we’re not strong enough. But you’re wrong.

Some people out there say that Christianity is for men, because our God came to earth as a man. He was brutally executed on a cross and there was blood and guts and other bad-ass manly things. Some people think that, if the church gets too "feminized," we might replace Jesus with a Disney princess and the cross with a field of dandelions and the broken body and blood of Christ with chocolate milk and cupcakes.Yeah, some people think that way.I don't think those people know a lot about … [Read more...]