Weekend reads!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my favorite reads of the week, but there were so many good ones this week that I had to take a break from paper writing and share them. Enjoy!

“It’s Not Just About Healthcare” by Alise Wright  Often, when I find myself locked in a debate about birth control, I find myself resorting to the whole “some women need it for medical reasons!” argument. But as Alise reminds us, women like sex too, and that’s OKAY.

“If Atheists Talked Like Christians” by Hemant Mehta I’m no Atheist, but when I saw these tweets, I cracked right up.

“Well-Behaved Women Won’t Change the Church” by Kathy Escobar This post really resonated with me, as a former “good-girl (yeah, I was one of those once! Don’t laugh).” Quite encouraging.

“95 Tweets Against Hell” at Two Friars and a Fool I recently stopped believing in hell, despite having been taught about it since I was three. That decision led to a loss of some friends and to concern from family members. It’s been hard. But this post was extremely affirming and gave me some strong defenses for my decision. So thankful.

“50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life” at Buzz Feed This made me laugh so hard I cried.

…so did this.

If anyone’s been following me on Twitter lately, you know I’ve been up in arms against Relevant Magazine for publishing an article about women’s issues by an attempted murderer and former abuser (read more here). I’m very thankful to those who stood up to Relevant Magazine:

“Grace Like Legalism, Peace Like Fighting Well” by Suzannah Paul (beautiful piece)

“Grace Does Not Preclude Accountability” by Elizabeth Esther

“Loving at Arm’s Length” by Dianna Anderson

And this is an older post about Schwyzer, not directly related to the Relevant Magazine incident, but still important:

“When Your Abuser Claims to be a Feminist” by Julie M. Rodriguez 

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  • “When your abuser claims to be a feminist” indeed! This resonates with me deeply!

    As always, thanks for sharing/speaking up/speaking out! 🙂

  • KatR

    I totally missed Suzannah Paul’s piece, thanks so much for posting the link!