Why are we afraid of bodies?

So, blog readers, sorry I didn’t finish my series on colonialism. Stuff came up and I just haven’t been able to write lately. As I’m sure you can tell, my writing’s been scattered for awhile now. I’ve been emotionally and physically worn out the past 6 months or so after a pretty tough battle with depression, some new medication, and some confusing life changes, and publishing my words can get pretty draining on this extreme introvert. I’ve been taking it easy, trying to heal, and publishing once or twice a week. I think I’m starting to get back on my feet again!

Anywhooo, part of this healing process for me has been spiritual healing. I’ve stopped going to church–I need a break, people–but I still listen to sermons online every Sunday from The University Church (the wonderful place that I wrote about HERE). I’ve also been learning feminist theology. Sexism and God-Talk and She Who Is are helping me do this. Also, I’m reading the book A Church of Her Own, in which Sarah Sentilles (who is a fantastic writer. Love her style and her boldness) shares the stories of many diverse women’s experience with becoming church ministers.

I have this idea that, on days when I don’t have the energy to write a whole post, I’ll try to post some thought-provoking quotes from the books I’ve been reading and then let y’all discuss them in the comments.

Today’s quote comes from A Church of Her Own, p. 127:

We don’t know what to do with bodies in most forms of Christianity. The body–and in particular the female body–has been denigrated, feared, understood as sinful, shameful, something to be covered up, tamed, and mastered. There is something ferocious about our fear of bodies in churches. And yet, at the heart of Christianity are stories about incarnation, about a God that dwells in a human body, a God that makes bodies and breathes life into them.

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  • I needed to hear this quote today, Sarah. I’ve been trying to overcome a fear of pregnancy precisely because it has been marred by patriarchy and rampant sexism within the church. I’ll definitely keep this resource on my list — really looking forward to reading about the connection between fear/hatred of women and their bodies contrasted with the incarnation. Plus, as a Catholic, I love hearing more about Mary’s role.

  • Sarah, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with them or not, but you should check out Christians for Biblical Equality (cbeinternational.org). They’re an awesome organization that advocates for women, especially in the church. They have a great bookstore that might help you find a few more titles to add to your present reading.

    Of course, if you have heard of them, then I just look like a huge idiot. But that’s normal, so whatever.

  • I agree CBE is a positive life force speaking and doing for Women! Thank you for sharing your journey it is the right one and so important!

  • That’s a good quote- the church doesn’t know what to do with bodies, but our God became flesh ON PURPOSE.