Hello there, Patheos!

When I was a kid growing up in an independent, fundamental Baptist church, spirituality was a dirty word. When many independent fundamental Baptists thinks of “spirituality,” they think of pantheism, paganism, postmodernism, and Harry Potter (Harry Potter is, of course, the worst of these). To the fundamental Baptists I knew, “spiritual” people were often depicted as lazy hippie-liberals who refused to commit to a specific religious belief so that they could justify having all the sex they want.

So when Patheos asked me to blog for their Spirituality Channel, I had to laugh a bit.

If you asked my religion, I’d probably have to tell you that I’m a Christian Unitarian Universalist who goes to a United Methodist Church sometimes even though I’m not Methodist, but mostly just stays in bed on Sunday mornings reading feminist theology and serving “communion” (usually cookies and milk) to my cat. I’m definitely a lazy hippie-liberal, though I’m pretty committed to Christianity even though (as a UU) I think all religions are just tiny puzzle pieces in the big picture that is the divine (and I will spare you the details of how much sex I have).

I guess somewhere between fundamentalism and wherever-the-hell-I-am-now, I accidentally became a “spiritual” person.

I blame Harry Potter.

I think I want you to meet my family. Am I moving too quickly? I just have a really good feeling about us, Patheos!

Anyway, this is my blog. I started it with a free WordPress.com account one day, a few years ago, when I woke up one day (okay, so it was a more difficult process then that) and realized that I didn’t believe all the things I used to believe in high school, and I wanted to talk about it. Now I use it to talk about feminism, recovering from abuse, liberal theology, and more.

I don’t think my archives have been imported to Patheos yet, but you can read by older posts at SarahOverTheMoon.com for now if you want to know more about me. I’m really excited to be writing for Patheos, contributing my own piece to the huge puzzle that is “the conversation on faith.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jessie.stracener.3 Jessie Stracener

    I spent a few years in a baptist church as a child. My fondest memories of that time were sneaking my Harry Potter books in and sitting in the back by myself to read them.

    • sarahoverthemoon

      I wasn’t allowed to read the books growing up. I had to wait until college, and it was oh so worth the wait.

      • sketchesbyboze

        Defeating the Dragons has a great post on her blog about how fundamentalists fear the Harry Potter books because they’re too moral.


        • sarahoverthemoon

          I <3 that blog!

      • http://www.wideopenground.com/ Lana

        I wasn’t allowed to read them either, lol.

      • http://lanahobbs.wordpress.com/ lana hobbs

        i wasn’t either. As the last movie came out, my husband and i thought, we’ve been planning to read those eventually, let’s do it now. I devoured all the books and movies before the last movie left theaters. we watched it in theater and i cried most of the time, it was wonderful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lora.freemanwilliams Lora Freeman Williams

    I also am a “spiritual” person. Personally, I blame Boulder:)

  • http://lostreef.blogspot.com/ Virgil T. Morant

    My experiences with Baptist churches have not been favorable. When I was an elementary schoolboy, one of my classmates was the son of a Baptist minister. I don’t remember what kind of Baptist, but I went to a couple of the services and spent a good deal of time in their company, as the boy and I were friends, and I do remember that his father (and his mother too, as it happens) were rather unpleasant to me. He particularly thought ill of some of the music I liked. It was “the Devil’s beat.” The song that got the conversation started? Eat it by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Some three decades later I attended services at an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist parish as the guest of someone dear to me. The minister there was far more unpleasant than Reverend So-and-So from my childhood. I believe he thought I was going to Hell (and trying to take one of his parishioners with me).

    Calling oneself spiritual without further qualification, by the way, doesn’t mean much of anything. Nor does “religious,” I reckon. If I said that I followed, say, Orthodox Christian Spirituality, that would say something. Even Baptists have a spirituality, however bankrupt or lifeless it may be for some of them. Those who are of the more unpleasant variety are probably a bit misguided to eschew the word, but I sympathize with the perception that it can be a nebulous term.

    Sorry about the long comment. It’s a quiet Pascha morning, and I’m just passing the time. Best of luck on your new blog. Down below under You may also like – is only one entry: this post. Your blog is so new that this is the only post I might like. Imagine that.

    • sarahoverthemoon

      “Even Baptists have a spirituality, however bankrupt or lifeless it may be for some of them.” Oh, I know. Just don’t tell them that!

      • http://lostreef.blogspot.com/ Virgil T. Morant


  • Norma

    Can you please make the full post readable offline the way your old blog was set up?

  • abombt1

    Welcome to patheos, Sarah!

  • http://twitter.com/aintiwomanblog Melanie SpringerMock

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff here. If you’re ever interested in meeting more members of your tribe (you know, the stay-in-bed-reading-feminist-theology type, consider connecting with Christian Feminism Today (eewc.com). We have a lot of Methodist-y types in our midst, and they have been crucial to my development as a Christian feminist. Plus, congrats on getting a spot in Patheos!

  • Marta L.

    Just saying hello, and offering you a nice, moist carrot cake to welcome you to the neighborhood. Patheos is a great site to have these kinds of conversations, and I look forward to reading you here. I’m a longtime follower of your old blog, though I’m not sure how often I commented there.

  • http://apolarity.com/ Adrenalin Tim

    Congrats and welcome to Patheos! I look forward to continuing to follow you. :)

    I wanted to ask, if you have any say in the matter, is it possible to make the full posts available on the RSS feed, as opposed to just the excerpt? Some blogs on Patheos (slacktivist, Tony Jones) are able to do so…