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On glittery boobs and translating clothing into meaning

Trigger Warnings on this post and the links in it for rape and violence against oppressed groupsUPDATE: I've closed the comments section for this post because I don't even wanna know what's going on down there anymore! Everybody (including myself) be accusing everybody of everything, and no one is discussing the actual content anymore. Anyone who still wants to chat can pack it up and move it to Twitter.Today I read a post on the blog  Rage Against the Minivan (which I don't read often, … [Read more...]

From the Archives: Feminism and Abstinence

This post was originally published on October 13, 2012bell hooks states in her book Feminist Theory, From Margin to Center: One aspect of sexual norms that many people find oppressive is the assumption that one "should" be engaged in sexual activity. This "should" is one expression of sexual coercion...When...emphasis is placed on ending sexual is possible to envision a society in which it is as much of an expression of sexual freedom to choose not to participate in sexual … [Read more...]

God, the Maternal Father

I've been working through Elizabeth A. Johnson's She Who Is lately and finding it fascinating and challenging. Much of my journey from fundamentalism so far has been figuring out what I don't believe about God. Johnson's book, along with other feminist theology I've been reading, is helping me lay some foundation for figuring out what I do believe.In one section, she talks about a trend that I've frequently seen in the many mainline churches I've attended over the past 4 or 5 years. God is Fa … [Read more...]

Must Reads!

Here are some important posts that you shouldn't miss!Sorry folks – you can’t be a prophet and an oppressor at the same time. I don’t think we need space on Tony Jones’ blog. We need a blog of our own. Blogs of our own. Oh wait, some of us already have them! SO READ THEM. In a just feminism, girls and women aren’t fodder for jokes that “serve a higher purpose.” Where does your greed and exploitation of workers end? A Christian Defense of John Piper Why do they stay at these churche … [Read more...]

Is there room for other perspectives in the evangelical conversation against purity culture?

Today, @mslooola, who I follow on the Twitters (#FF her for more great tweets on the topic, by the way--can I do #FF on a blog? Is that cheating?), tweeted her thoughts on the recent trend of evangelicals calling out Purity Culture:Now, I have a lot of friends/acquaintances who are evangelical, who are speaking out against purity culture, and whose sexual ethic (regardless of their personal convictions on when you should have sex) revolves around consent, and respect for others' autonomy … [Read more...]

On gaslighting.

Trigger Warning: Verbal Abuse, GaslightingHe called me a slut.I remember it so clearly because it was so shocking. I was sixteen, and almost pathetically naive about sex, yet he called me a slut.My own father.I held onto that word, let it shape what I thought of myself. Let it fertilize my anger and bitterness toward my dad. I never talked to him about it, because he never admitted to doing anything wrong. He'd tell me I was crazy. But one day it just came out, years later, when … [Read more...]

What is a Rape Myth?

This post is part of a series called "You Are Not Your Own," focusing on rape and sexual assault in Christian relationship/dating books.Trigger Warning for Rape, Sexual Assault, and Victim Blaming AttitudesWhen I first started contemplating my research project, I thought I'd focus on rape myths. I thought I'd get a list of rape myths, read through the books I'd chosen to read for this study (Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris, When God … [Read more...]

Must Reads!

Here are some recent posts that you shouldn't miss! Those who are simply having fun with the footage of Ramsey might pause for a second to actually listen to the man. He clearly knows a thing or two about the way racism prevents us from seeing each other as people. Don't be shitty. I do wish I had a dime for every email I get that says, "Please put a non-girly cover on your book so I can read it. - signed, A Guy God did not intend these children for my wealthy home and accidentally … [Read more...]

From the archives: It Won’t Be Their World Anymore: Universalism With Boundaries

This post was originally published on January 31, 2013 at SarahOverTheMoon.comI really don't know what I believe about the afterlife.Ever since I gave up the idea of an eternal hell, I've found myself able to embrace many different theories with some comfort.As a Christian, though, I find particular comfort in the idea of a future Kingdom of God.I am inspired and energized by the hope against hope that what's next is some kind of Kingdom ruled by a Love and by a just … [Read more...]

Tony Jones, Peter Rollins, and the trend of “don’t call me racist!”

I've noticed a trend among white, straight, academic cis men in so-called progressive or emergent Christianity where calling someone racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. is a bigger problem than the existence of racism, sexism, and homophobia.Emergent Christianity is a broad term, and progressive an even broader one, so I don't speak about all people from all movements that use these words to define themselves. I want to make that clear before I move on, because I appreciate and benefit from … [Read more...]