Blogging’s been slow, so here’s a cat.

Hi, readers. This is just an update to let you know that, although I have not been blogging as often as I usually do, I am alive and well. I’ve been finishing up a few summer classes the past couple of weeks, and should be done next Wednesday. Until then, however, I’ll be super busy! When I do have free time, I’ll probably be resting my brain by playing Zelda or reading books about rapid dogs.

Once school is out next week, and I’m DONE being an undergraduate student forever (hopefully), I’ll be back with my “You Are Not Your Own” series, some posts about Zeldathon, and some other cool and awesome stuff that I haven’t quite come up with yet.

Until then, here’s a cat for you to look at.

photo by Samantha Moon
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  • Travis Mamone

    I haven’t written much lately, either. Maybe I should post cat pictures.

    • sarahoverthemoon

      Always a good plan!