There are little lights everywhere.

I used to believe that the Church was the light of the world.

A beacon of hope to a lost and dying world.

I don’t believe that anymore, because I left the Church once. I slammed the door behind me and braced myself for the darkness. But when I stepped outside I saw light. I saw light everywhere like stars in a country sky.

I’m glad I no longer believe that the Church is the last hope for a world lost in darkness.

The Church can be so stingy with its light.

Photo by Fraser Gunn (Click for source)
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  • Interesting thoughts, Sarah. The church has been know to slaughter people. My faith is not in the church. But I think atheistic existentialism leaves us without hope. We can help each other but I think it’s patchwork. But maybe I’ve just seen too much evil.

  • gaypet

    This is loverly! It brought this to mind:

  • cifufa

    I often feel so conflicted… I too left the church. And I sometimes have thoughts about whether I am “condemned” forever. But since I left the church… I’ve seen more beauty, more love, more light outside of the church, in the people around me, regardless off sexual orientation or history, than I did when I was there. And as I’ve become more and more progressive in my thinking, I find it very hard to go back to church… especially when certain people hold dearly to certain views and beliefs that are offensive to me. A friend of mine just invited me to come to his church for a lunch. And while I believe in people and love the church and their zeal for the Lord, i think that i have unconsciously set a set a line, a standards for myself. As much as I love light in the church community, it’s just not for me. And I have to acknowledge that deeply, so that when I reject an invitation to lunch at my friends church, I don’t feel like I am turning away from God, but rather loving and accepting God in a different way.