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Over the Moon for Paxil: Afraid to be Alive

[Content Note: Mental Health Issues, Eating Problems]This post is part of a series in which I blog through my journey of dealing with an anxiety disorder that nearly took over my life for a few months. These posts are based off of journal entries from the past few months and don't necessarily reflect how I am feeling write now. To learn more about this series, read the introduction post. On February 22, 2014, I started a journal about the mental health issues I'd been struggling with for … [Read more...]

Over The Moon For Paxil: A Possible Series Announcement

I haven't been doing as much regular blogging as I used to. As I've talked about in other posts, I have been struggling with some serious mental health problems for the past few years. In the past six months or so, these problems managed to completely take over my life. That makes it hard to blog regularly. It's hard to concentrate on writing a coherent post when your brain can't stop panicking about other things, and when even the smallest activities--like putting a stamp on an envelope--seem … [Read more...]

Loving My Mind for Lent.

Last year, during Lent, I wrote what would turn out to be one of my most popular blog posts of all time. In this post, "Loving My Body for Lent," I decided that for Lent, I would give up the harmful teachings I'd inherited from purity culture, and I would take on a new attitude toward my own body. I’m setting it free from the hatred that I have directed toward it for years and years. I’m setting it free from any responsibility that the church tries to put on it for the sins of men. I’m setting i … [Read more...]

The Answer To Sexual Shame is Not MORE Sexual Shame, Carson T. Clark

[Content Note: Sexual and Spiritual Abuse]When I was 16, I dated an abuser who was constantly coercing me into having sex with him. I had been raised in fundamentalist purity culture, so I thought of sex as something gross and scary. My boyfriend at the time tried to combat those feelings by sending me on guilt trips and by holding me to his manipulative, subjective standards of "responsibility."He'd say things like, "You hugging me turned me on. You're a horrible person if you turn a … [Read more...]