When I can

People assume that healing from abuse is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.Doctor Who quotes aside, I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "It's been years. Why don't you just let it go?"I can't always get a hold of it, for one. Pain is like a greased pig--I can't even get a grip on it in the first place most of the time, much less "let it go." It's not … [Read more...]

Joseph Kony is famous. Trayvon Martin is not.

White Evangelical Christians love African children.Two years at Grace College (a predominantly white Grace Brethren college in small town Indiana) taught me that. Students went on missions trips in which it was mandatory to return with at least one picture of you surrounded by African children, or perhaps holding an African baby.Then, of course, there was Invisible Children. Middle class white guys "giving voices" to black children in Uganda. Grace College was all over that. And I include … [Read more...]

I Did Not Report

Trigger Warning for rape and sexual abuseSocial media can be powerful. Yesterday, a Twitter trending topic reminded me of that. On #IDidNotReport, people explain why they didn't report rape or sexual abuse. The results are a strong reminder that we still live in a rape culture.I encourage you all to check out this trend. Here are a few tweets: #ididnotreport because she was female, smaller than me, & we were at a club. The fact was I felt powerless & she didn't accept … [Read more...]

Happy International Women’s Day and Feminist Coming Out Day!

March 8th is an exciting day! First of all, it's my wonderful partner's 28th birthday (Happy Birthday, Abe!). Second, it's National Colon Cleansing Day (Remember! A clean colon is a happy colon).And then, it's International Women's Day and Feminist Coming Out Day!As much as I love Abe and colons, this post is going to focus on the latter two.When I first "came out" as a feminist about a year ago, I got a lot of responses. Some positive, some discouraging. But, I think, by far the most … [Read more...]

Weekend Links!

Here are some of my favorite posts this week! Enjoy, and post your favorites in the comments!"Ashley's Song Part 2" by Jermaine Lane: A couple days ago, I asked everyone to share any links they might have about self-injury in honor of Self-Injury Awareness Day. Jermaine responded with this poem! Check it out!I won't post too many Rush Limbaugh articles, but here are a few that I think are neat:"Dear Rush Limbaugh, Birth Control Doesn't Work Like Viagra" by Adam Serwer: Adam explains the m … [Read more...]

I’m standing up to Rush Limbaugh

Yes, I know this isn't the first horrible thing Rush Limbaugh has said. Trust me, if anyone knows that, it's me. I grew up listening to my father listen to Rush. I remember when Limbaugh had his own television show and I remember sitting on my father's lap at age 4 or 5 and laughing at the show's silly caricatures of Bill Clinton.I remember singing along with the parody songs he played on his show long before I was old enough to actually know what they meant. I remember learning at a young … [Read more...]

Self-Injury Awareness Day

In light of Self-Injury Awareness Day, here are a few things that self-injury is NOT, taken from the book Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut by Marv Penner:It is not just a fad.It is not an extreme version of tattoos or piercingsIt is probably not a suicide attempt (though self-injury is often the result of deep emotional pain or a symptom of other problems like depression, so the issue of suicide should definitely be addressed! Avoid accusations though, and understand that self-injury is mo … [Read more...]

Racism and walking-the-other-way

I sometimes visualize the ongoing cycle of racism as a moving walkway at the airport. Active racist behavior is equivalent to walking fast on the conveyor belt.The person engaged in active racist behavior has identified with the ideology of White supremacy and is moving with it. Passive racist behavior is equivalent to standing still on the walkway. No overt effort is being made, but the conveyor belt moves the bystanders along to the same destination as those who are actively walking. Some of … [Read more...]

God always shows up in the soup kitchens

My spiritual journey lately has mostly taken place within the pages of books and class lectures. I've been reading the Qur'an, reading a book on Muslim feminists, listening to lectures on Judaism, and learning about the psychology of religious coping.I haven't really bothered to go to any churches or religious services. This is partly because my car is on the fritz, and partly because I almost never leave church happy.Except at University Church.Abe and I discovered this little church in … [Read more...]

Weekend Links!

As I struggled to catch up on my school reading this week, my blog reading suffered. So, I don't have many links for you this time, but I had to share one thing.The series "Male and Female God Made (Most Of) Them" by Laura Ziesel is, I believe, extremely important. I've never heard Christians talk about intersex people in a healthy, positive, and affirming way. But now, Laura is starting that conversation. I hope that she can inspire the church to move beyond this binary, black and white view … [Read more...]