A high-wire act, Blindspotting puts race, gentrification and class under the microscope, somehow managing to make us laugh along the way. It slips at moments but never falls. Read more

Damsel is a surprisingly enjoyable film without much to say about faith. Read more

“Lloyd-Jones On the Christian Life” identifies the disease of and provides the cure for the modern condition. Read more

Augustine’s writings in reply to the Manichaeans are fairly uneven (at least so far, I’m not done with them yet). We get an interesting combination of solid apologetics/theology and odd allegorical speculation. As the editor points out in the introduction, these are not really the best place to start with Augustine. And yet, as Gerald Bray points out in his masterful Augustine on the Christian Life, despite his problems (including working from a sub-par Latin translation, as Jerome’s Vulgate had not… Read more

Just how is grace applied to the individual? This is a question that we all have an interest in, but which we rarely spend enough time in reflection on. To help us with this failing, the Puritan minister John Flavel has written the excellent book Method of Grace. (You can find it for free as an eBook here; for Kindle here; and as a print book–well worth it, IMO–here.) I’ve already reflected on Flavel on assurance and on Union with Christ,… Read more

The 2016 election involved a lot of soul searching on the part of some Evangelicals, a lot of compromise with the world on the part of others, and increased polarization on all sides. Author Stephen Mansfield’s book Choosing Donald Trump explores the question of why 60-80% of the people who opposed Bill Clinton because of his character would vote for an unrepentant philanderer. This is an interview with the author on this and other issues, including the question of whether or… Read more

A response to “Rules Without Reasons: Why the Culture Is Eating Evangelicals for Lunch” Read more

Thanks to high school anthologies, many of us have read O. Henry’s work “The Gift of the Magi.” And while it is a fine enough story (if a bit sappy for my tastes), it is not really representative of the whole of O. Henry’s corpus. For that, I strongly recommend a collection of his short stories. (I’ve been reading the Barnes and Noble edition–which is excellent; but this one is cheaper and looks to have the same stories in it.)… Read more

Over Father’s Day weekend, a documentary festival shows the power of parental legacies. Read more

How did Christianity stand out in the ancient world? What made it different from other religions? In the early 20th century, the dominant theory was that Christianity was just one of many new religions (the Manicheans, the mystery cults, the cult of Mithras, etc) which happened to have better PR and more Machiavellian leadership. That scholarship has been discredited these days, but what then is the truth? Why did Christianity take off in so spectacular–albeit halting–a fashion? To help answer… Read more

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