Assurance is something that Christians used to struggle with. Am I really a believer? Is that thing I feel really saving faith, or am I just deluding myself because hell sounds scary? This sounds strange to our contemporary American ears. Where our ancestors questioned themselves and used doubt as a springboard for personal reflection and measurement against the standard of Scripture, we instead have become experts at asserting ourselves and simply refusing to hear anything less that a full celebration… Read more

How should Christians think about going to church week after week with someone who voted for that candidate? Don’t they know that candidate is in favor of X evil political policy, or has Y wicked personal characteristics? How can we fellowship with supporters of such awfulness? To help us think about this, Jonathan Leeman has written the excellent book How the Nations Rage. You can hear us talk about it here: Also available through iTunes via the City of Man podcast. Dr…. Read more

Review of ‘The Little Bible Heroes Storybook’ Read more

Energy went into the trippy animation rather than development of thinly sketched characters. Read more

Contrary to the claims of the back flap of the book, T. H. White’s The Once and Future King is not “the fantasy masterpiece by which all others are judged.” It is an excellent book, no doubt. And if you’ve not read it, you should set aside whatever else you’re reading now and go do so. If nothing else it is the source material for the greatest animated Disney film. But it is not the definitive fantasy work–that particular honor belongs to Lord… Read more

I’ve been reading through a volume of John Flavel’s works–an exercise which I would encourage all of you to engage in from time to time. In addition to being a wonderfully rich writer, Flavel is one of the most accessible Puritans. It helps that he was, well, ‘exiled,’ to use his thoughts about the event, to a rural English community and forced to dumb down his highfalutin’ language for the farmers and sailors of his rural church. For what it’s… Read more

I should have trusted Stephen King… Read more

Just what is a “revival”? What role can it play in the modern church? To hear about this and other topics, you can listen to an interview with Robert Caldwell, III about his new book Theologies of the American Revivalists: From Whitefield to Finney. The interview is available here: or on iTunes under ‘Christian Humanist Profiles’ (where you can find many, many other interviews as well). Read more

There’s something sweetly quaint about John Stott’s One People: Laymen and Clergy in God’s Church. Originally published in the 1960s, it was one of his first books. And while it’s not one of his best (most people would point to The Cross of Christ, though I’ve always been a fan of The Incomparable Christ), it is a solid little reflection on the relationship between the pastor and the congregation. Or, to put it in Stott’s Anglican terms, the relationship between the ‘laity’ and… Read more

An everyday faith is woven into Chloe Zhao’s wondrous look at what it means to be a man. Read more

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