An everyday faith is woven into Chloe Zhao’s wondrous look at what it means to be a man. Read more

B&H’s new CSB “Great & Small Bible” claims to be a “Keepsake Bible for Babies.” Obviously it’s not–babies need neither keepsakes nor Bibles, and if you try to give one to a baby they’re just going to chew on it. And yes, I know what they mean. This small book (about 6”x4”, give or take) is a ‘keepsake’ Bible in the tradition of the old, massive ‘family’ Bibles with the family tree in the front and the giant King James… Read more

In director Lynne Ramsay’s film, the Word of God, and those made in the image of God, are expendable. Read more

Evangelicals don’t need to get high to have a history. Read more

A quiet—very quiet—story about the limits of parental love. Read more

My first foray into the extensive set of works by Mercedes Lackey has been an encouraging one. If you’re like me, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section at the bookstore is always a bit overwhelming. Sure, there’s a fairly small list of sci-fi classic authors to choose from (hint: always check to see if they’ve got anything by Cordwainer Smith or Clifford Simak), but that particular section at the bookstore is usually just a wall of multi-colored covers that provide no way to… Read more

‘Ready Player One’ is busy—very busy—proving that the filmmaker, now in his 70s, can still wow the youth. Read more

A Review of David Brin’s “Kiln People” Read more

A review of Steven Soderbergh’s “Unsane.” Read more

It sends up Communist ideology with glee, but shows a tendency toward corruption, insularity and self-flattery that has infected—and continues to infect—political systems of all stripes. Read more

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