Denominations still matter

Denominations have fallen on hard times these days. Even as traditional Christianity is on the rise (and praise God for that!), it’s increasingly chic for these increasing numbers of traditionalist Christians to eschew identification with specific denominations. Whole churches which are part of major denominations downplay their own membership in those denominations for numerous reasons, not least of which often includes a distaste for the existence of denominations in the first place. And yet, this modern sensibility overlooks the importance… Read more

An Interview with Keith Getty

An Interview with Keith Getty on the state of music in the modern church. Read more

The limits of a world without God

Science fiction has always been a discordant jumble of optimism and bleak despair. On the one hand, you’ve got all the hope that comes from curing diseases, the affordable proliferation of the necessities of life, and the certainty of the results of the scientific method. We can see all that has been done by human reason and apparently without divine intervention, so who needs God? The future is bright and getting brighter! On the other hand, you’ve got all the… Read more

Washington Irving is still a master

While I don’t closely follow what’s being taught in our schools these days (despite regularly bemoaning it, whatever it is), I understand that some of the classics are no longer taught in American secondary (‘lower’?) education. If what has happened to Longfellow has happened to Washington Irving, that is truly a shame. I read a selection of Washington Irving’s works last year, and they were simply fantastic. If nothing else, Irving is a wonderful writer and should be read for that… Read more

Coyle’s Best of 2017

The best books I read in 2017–or, what you should be reading in 2018. Read more

A Short Take on ‘The Long Game’

In defense of an ‘establishment’ figure. Read more

To Kill a Species

How the death of a species leads to heretical reflections on the immortality of the human soul. Read more

Because now we review coloring books…

Adult coloring books might have a place, but they’re also kind of stupid. Read more

Justice League does Justice to the DC Universe

A few nerdy/theological thoughts on Justice League. Read more

Review of ‘Then Sings my Soul’ By George Beverly Shea

A wonderful biography of George Beverly Shea. Read more

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