Just How Does this Self Improvement Work?

In my last post, I mentioned Scientology, as an applied religious philosophy, can help turn Self Improvement Month into more than guesswork and hopeful wishes.

This quote from the book Scientology: A New Slant on Life by L. Ron Hubbard explains the basis of that statement.

“Scientology is formed in the tradition of ten thousand years of religious philosophy and considers itself a culmination of the searches which began with the Veda, the Tao, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions.  Scientology is a Gnostic faith in that it knows it knows.  This is its distinguishing characteristic from most of its predecessors.  Scientology can demonstrate that it can attain the goals set for Man by all religions, which are wisdom, good health and immortality.”

  • http://www.championsofpowerfulliving.com Kara

    Is Scientology a separate religion? Or is it a subset of Christianity or another religion? Just curious.

    • ScientologyNews

      It is a separate religion. It is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard was a philosopher and ethnologist and studied widely into religions and the mind. In 1950 he published the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and by 1952 he realized that the source of mental phenomena is the spiritual being, which he called by the word “theta” from the Greek word for “thought.” Scientologist is the study of the spirit and his/her relationship to other beings and the universe. There is excellent information on the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion at the Church’s website at http://www.scientology.org.

  • http://www.championsofpowerfulliving.com Kara

    Thanks for the helpful information. I had heard of Scientology and have even heard of Dianetics, but I wasn’t really sure what it was all about.