IAS Freedom Medal Winner–David Pomerantz

Another winner of the International Association of Scientologists Freedom Medal is Daviod Pomerantz, a human rights advocate who has also brought Scientology to the Philippines.

Here is a recent article on his attending the Manila Book Fair:

Why David Pomeranz is attending Manila book fair

David Pomeranz believes the real barriers to a happy and valuable future are upsets, failures, fears and mistakes of the past.

“These things haunt us like ghosts that spoil every chance to create a new and better life,” the US pop hitmaker says.

Filipinos know Pomeranz, a romantic balladeer, for such love songs as “Got to Believe in Magic,” “King and Queen of Hearts” and “Born for You.”

He will perform these hits on September 18, from 3 to 5 p.m., to promote L.  Ron Hubbard’s book, “Dianetics,” at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair. The fair, which opens on Wednesday, will be held at the SMX convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay.

Pomeranz is a believer in Dianetics, the book that is said to have launched the worldwide movement for The Church of Scientology. Among the best known members of the church are Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Says Pomeranz, clearly a devout Scientologist: “I was able to shake off the shadows of the past and see life the way it really is. I now have the power to deal with life in a positive and constructive way. I have a great career doing exactly what I want to do, a wonderful wife and family, and, I am proud to say, many friends that I’ve been able to help lead happy and fulfilling lives.”

Got to believe in magic.

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