Raising the Standards of Happiness

In listening to a lecture from The First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists, delivered in October 1953 in Philadelphia, I was struck by the following statement by L.  Ron Hubbard.

“A Scientologist would be a social catalyst dedicated to the mission of raising the standards of happiness of Man and bringing him to recognize his brotherhood with the universe.”

I found this very interesting, as it is clear that the kind of work the Church and individual Scientologists are doing through the Volunteer Ministers campaign and various Church humanitarian initiatives in human rights, character education and drug prevention and education are part and parcel of what he was talking about nearly 60 years ago.

As to what those standards of happiness would be, he going on to express that a bit later in the same lecture.

“You get into motion, you get into action.  You can remember times when you were a kid, when life just looked too dogoned deliciously beautiful to be left alone.  So you could feel like that again if you worked at it.  And what do you think will happen to you when you find life is just too good to be left alone?  You’ll start living it.”

One way the Church is reaching out to accomplish this purpose is through free online courses in basic Scientology tools and through the release of a new DVD called Scientology Handbook—Tools for Life. The films from the DVD are also online at the Scientology website.

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