What is the Church of Scientology of Missouri?

The Church of Scientology of Missouri presents news of Church activities.

From the “Local News” section of the website of the Church of Scientology of St. Louis:

The Church of Scientology of Missouri is the local hub for all Scientology activity in the surrounding areas.  While there are many individual Scientologists throughout Missouri, Illinois and surrounding states and each of these may have their own Dianetics or Scientology groups, the Central Organization is the coordinating body and central focal point for them all.  As such, it takes responsibility for the technical standards for the zone around it, ensuring that Dianetics and Scientology are delivered purely, as they were originally codified and laid down.  In fulfillment of this role, the Church maintains a staff of professional administrators, counselors (called “auditors”) and course instructors (or “course supervisors”) to ensure the correct administration and delivery of Dianetics and Scientology.

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