International Youth Day

In 1985, the UN celebrated the first International Year of Youth. On its 10th anniversary, the General Assembly adopted the World Programme of Action for Youth, setting a policy framework and guidelines for national action and international support to improve the situation of young people.

In honor of this day, celebrated on  August 12, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “Working with and for young people is one of my top priorities. Youth are a transformative force; they are creative, resourceful and enthusiastic agents of change, be it in public squares or cyberspace. From their pivotal role in efforts to achieve freedom, democracy and equality, to their global mobilization in support of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, youth have energetically demonstrated yet again their capacity and desire to turn the tide of history and tackle global challenges.”

The theme of International Youth Day 2012 is “Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth”

The UN describes the issues youth face today:  “Young people today face pressing global challenges such as high levels of unemployment, vulnerable working conditions and marginalization from decision making processes. Partnerships — with the United Nations, governments, the private sector, civil society, academia and philanthropists —– can help increase opportunities for success by leveraging comparative advantages, resources and shared interests.”

Many of the programs sponsored by the Church of Scientology provide a means by which youth can express their concerns for the world around them and contribute to making their communities safer, more ethical and more secure.  Young people also find the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program a way in which they can contribute on an equal footing with adults in helping those in need in their communities and in disaster zones, as this video clearly shows:


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